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Customs Inspection

Preparing Customs Declaration

  • All arriving passengers from foreign countries must prepare and submit a customs declaration form.
  • When traveling with family, only one customs declaration form needs to be filled.
  • Fill out the Customs declaration form and declare corresponding items, and also remember to enter traveler's name, date of birth, and other personal information.
  • Customs Declaration forms may be filled out in the arrival area, but in order to expedite process, please fill it out before landing.

Main changes in the reformed customs clearance procedures

Customs Inspection Procedures

Customs Inspection Procedures
  • Hand carrying items must be passed through an x-ray machine next to the gate. Passengers must then pass an x-ray machine also.
  • Baggage not hand carried (checked baggage) must be retrieved at the arrival area's baggage carousel. If the luggage has a sign saying ‘Customs Inspection', then please find a Customs agent to receive a closer examination.

Duty Free

  • All passengers entering Korea equally have limited duty free rights.
  • Duty free amount per person : When items (purchased or not) from the overseas do not exceed amounts of $400
  • The following items are not included in the duty free allowance per person.
Duty Free
Item 1 bottle under $400 per liter Notes
Alcohol 1 bottle under $400 per liter Passengers under 19 years old are excluded from this privilege for tobacco and alcohol
Tobacco Cigarettes Cigarettes200 cigarettes
cigars cigars50 cigarettes
Misc. Tobacco Products Misc. Tobacco Products250g
Perfume 60ml  
  • Items being brought back into the country which were declared at time of departure
  • Items that Customs director deems appropriate for presents or donations from governments, provincial autonomies, or international organizations

Conditional Duty Free : Items that are being imported for temporary sojourns in the country or products required for work related reasons that the Customs director approves on specific conditions.

One-stop Customs clearance and same-day customs clearance (customs procedures with payments)

  • Items that exceed the duty-free allowance or restricted will be bonded by Customs. Items that can be deemed ‘passenger items’ can undergo one-stop customs clearance or same-day customs clearance at the on-site Customs office.
  • Take the bondage receipt received at the arrivals Customs area and present for customs clearance at the on-site Customs office (4 places in areas A, B, E and F). When requesting customs clearance for restricted items,it might be time consuming, and items that do not satisfy conditions will be held by Customs.
  • Once fee is decided and tax is imposed, take the issued receipt and pay taxes at the bank in the arrival area. Afterwards, take the receipt and submit it to Customs (on-site Customs office) to retrieve item. - On-site

Customs : +82-32-722-4513, 4523, 4524, 4563, 4564

Clearing Customs after date of arrival

  • When passenger cannot clear customs on day of arrival, Customs clearance will be performed at the Traveler's items department (B1 of Passenger Terminal. Closed on Saturday and Sundays. +82-32-722-4422)
  • Ask Customs what conditions and documents are required and take bondage receipt to retrieve item.
  • After completing Customs clearance procedures take the payment order and pay taxes at a bank or post office (within 15 days of issuance of payment order). Submit the payment receipt and after confirming bondage report, pay storage fee and retrieve item.

Bonded Items (Items not to be brought in but taken back out at departure)

  • When they do not intend to bring into the country, passengers and crew who have items may receive a bondage receipt at Customs
  • Item will be stored for 1 month following the expected day of departure as shown on the bondage receipt. Once bondage term expires, it will be announced by the Customs director and then put on auction as per related regulations.

Declaring Foreign Currency

  • When carrying in foreign currency, Korean WON, bank checks, etc. that amounts to more than 10,000 USD, it must be declared on the Customs declaration form. After doing so, receive a foreign currency confirmation stamp from the Customs agent.
  • However, when passengers have other payment notes excluding Korean won, traveler's checks and personal checks, they must receive the approval regardless of the amount of being imported or outported.

Please refer to the Incheon Airport Customs Headquarter's homepage for more information

  • Korea Customs Service : http://www.customs.go.kr homepage
  • Questions on Customs declarations :+82-32-722-4114, 4422



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