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Taxi Information

Taxi Stands: Taxi stands are located on the arrival level (1F) at the passenger terminal between platform 4D and 7C.

Taxis run at Incheon airport are in partnership with Seoul , Incheon and Gyeonggi taxis. Therefore, the long distance premium will not be charged when traveling from Seoul, Incheon, Gyoenggi to Incheon Int'l Airport, but can be charged vice versa. (For example, if you use "Seoul" taxi, the long distancepremium will not be charged from Incheon Int'l Airport to "Seoul" or vice versa, but will be charged from Incheon Int'l Airport to "Incheon".)

Taxi for the disabled

Incheon Transportation Corp. : http://www.intis.or.kr/calltaxi/calltaxi01.jsp hompage

Seoul Facilities Corp. : http://calltaxi.sisul.or.kr hompage

Basic taxi fee

Section Basic Fee Platform Number Remarks
Standard Taxi 3,000 KRW (Incheon) 7C

24:00 ~ 04:00 additional 20% late night premium.

100 KRW discount when paid through a Travel Card.

3,000 KRW (Gyeonggi)
3,000 KRW (Gwang Myeong)

24:00 ~ 04:00 additional 20% late night premium.

3,000 KRW (Seoul) 6C

24:00 ~ 04:00 additional 20% late night premium.

Receipt issue and Translation is a basic service provided.

Deluxe Taxi 5,000 KRW 8C

Receipt issue and Translation is a basic service provided.

No late night premium fee

Credit cards welcome.

Jumbo Taxi
(Up to 9 people)
5,000 KRW 5C
Int'l Taxi Flat fare by three zones
in Seoul only

For foreign nationalities

Estimated taxi time & fare

Estimated taxi time & fare
Location Estimated travel time
Estimated fare (KRW)
Standard Taxi Deluxe Taxi
Seoul Seoul City Hall 60 46,000 81,000
Jamsil Lotte World 75 57,000 91,000
Youngdeungpo Station 55 43,000 71,000
Gimpo Airport 40 34,000 53,000
Incheon Terminal Complex 40 28,000 49,000
East Incheon Station 35 25,000 43,000
Gyeonggi Bundang(Seohyun Station) 65 64,000 97,000
Ilsan (Daehwa Station) 40 37,000 68,000
Anyang Station 55 49,000 70,000


  • Toll fee (KRW 7,100) will be the passenger’s responsibility.
  • Incheon(Terminal Complex, East Incheon Station) and Gyeonggi(Bundang, Anyang) among above rates are based on the standard of Incheon Bridge.
  • The estimated fare is based on no traffic congestion, so the actual rates may vary.
  • Violations such as refusal to ride and unfair taxi fare demands can be reported to:

    Transportation Mgmt. Team(Junggu Office, Incheon) : +82-32-32-760-7560

    Road Adm. Office(Seoul) : +82-32-2-2171-2032

    Transportation Policies(Gyeonggi) : +82-32-31-249-3314

    Day) Incheon Airport Transportation Mgmt. Team : +82-32-32-741-2422/Night) Incheon Int'l Airport APIMO : +82-32-32-741-7700



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