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"Best Airport Worldwide" for 4 Years Straight
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  • Date 2009.03.10 Queries 11572

    Incheon International Airport,
    Best Airport Worldwide for 4 Years Straight

    Incheon, Korea, March 10, 2009 -- The ACI annual Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Award has gone
    to IIAC again for being the world's best airport for 4 consecutive years.

    ACI (Airports Council International) today announced the results from nearly 250,000 questionnaires
    completed by passengers in 2008.  The survey was taken each quarter throughout 2008, in 34 airport
    service factors (7 services and 27 facilities/operations), against 126 major airports around the world.

    ACI is an international association of the world’s airports, with 1,679 airports from 177 countries around the
    world enrolled as members.  This survey is an important measure to rate a country's level of capabilities
    and services, since each international airport in each country usually represents the best collection of
    services and facilities.

    In the latest ASQ survey, Incheon International Airport came in first with 4.91 points.  This gives Incheon the
    honor of being world's best for 4 consecutive years, from 2005 to 2008.  Furthermore, IIAC claimed first place
    in all 4 areas involved, which included Best Airport in Asia-Pacific and Best Airport in the mid to large range
    (25~40 million passengers), and won the Airport People Award for the Asia-Pacific Region as well.



    Best Airport

    Best Airport by

    Best Airport by Size
    (25-40 million)

    Airport People

    1st Place

    Incheon Airport

    Incheon Airport

    Incheon Airport

    Asia: Incheon
    Europe: Southampton
    North America: Halifax

    2nd Place




    3rd Place

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong

    Minneapolis St.Paul

    ※ Airport People Award is only given to top airports on 3 continents with the greatest number of flight routes.

    In 2008, with the opening of the 2nd phase facilities, IIAC relocated airline check-in counters to the new
    concourse and renovated existing duty-free shops and retail outlets in the passenger terminal, causing some
    inconvenience to passengers. Therefore, IIAC’s winning the 2008 ASQ Award is especially significant as IIAC
    overcame such disadvantages to win the prize.

    IIAC heightened effectiveness and convenience through relocation of facilities throughout the terminal, and
    improved transit facilities as a new concourse and 3rd Runway began operating in 2008.  Also, a faster and
    simpler customs procedure is now in operation with self check-in and automated immigration clearance
    system thanks to the “Ubiquitous” environment utilizing the most advanced IT technology.

    IIAC was highly praised for continuously making improvements and satisfying expectations of many travelers
    with introduction of AIRSTAR, a combination of leading brand names and top-quality shopping facilities,
    along with various cultural and artistic events, plus room to relax.

    Mr. CW Lee, President & CEO of IIAC, said, "IIAC's winning the Best Airports Worldwide Award 4 years in a
    row was made possible by all personnel here working together toward a better future, and not getting big-
    headed from winning the award back in 2005."  He added, "We're going to try harder to make this an airport
    the whole nation can be proud of, an airport admired by everyone worldwide, and the airport setting the
    standard for all other airports around the world.”

    The 2008 ASQ Awards will be presented during the ACI Europe Airport Trading Conference & Exhibition to
    be held in Porto, Portugal, on April 21.




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