Incheon International Airport Corporation


Airside facilities

The airside facilities area will be expanded for safer and smoother airport operation.

Airside facilities overview

For optimal operation of aircrafts, Runway 4 as well as taxiways, 62 passenger aprons, and 13 cargo aprons will be constructed.
Also, for safer navigation of aircrafts, deicing aprons, MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) facilities, navigation aids, etc. will be expanded.
  • Runway Construction of Runway 4 (3,750m×60m) (2.33 x 0.04 mile) will increase the number of flights per hour from 90 to 107.
  • Taxiways Construction of High-speed exit taxiways and taxiways will reduce the runway occupancy time from the 70-second to 50-second range.
  • Aprons 62 passenger aprons (34 terminal aprons, 28 remote aprons), 13 cargo aprons, 11 deicing aprons
  • MRO, FBO

    MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) facilities → Enhanced performance

    FBO (fixed-based operators) facilities → Premium service

Runway 4

Construction of Runway 4 (3,750 × 60m) will increase the number of flights per hour, making airport operation smoother.
Classification Current No. of Flights No. of Flights after Completion of Runway 4
Per Hour 90 107
Per Year 500,000 600,000
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Runway 4 navigational aids

Instrument landing system (ILS) provides guidance and distance information so that airplanes can safely navigate through bad weather (fog, etc.). It is a landing guidance system that enables the pilot to land the plane following only the instrument.

Aeronautical light facilities, which include approach lighting system, runway lighting system, etc., provide visual information needed for airplanes to safely make the landing.

Runway 4, which uses facilities suited for CAT-III, provides a precision system that makes landing possible even when the visual range is only 75m.

  • Visual information Establishment of aeronautical light facilities suited for the CAT-lll runway protocol
    Approach lighting system (ALS)
    Runway lighting system
  • Guidance information
    Localizer Provides runway center line information to airplanes taking off and landing
    Glide Path Provides landing angle (3˚) information to airplanes
  • Distance information
    Marker(Inner/Middle) Provides position information of the designated space with runway thresholds