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Access roads and connecting roads

The following is an introduction of Incheon Internaltional Airport's access roads and connecting roads.

Overview of access roads and connecting roads

The expansion of the access roads of Terminal 2 is a preparation for future increase in passengers and resulting increase in traffic demand. Installation of connecting roads between Terminals 1 and 2 will improve passenger convenience and on-time rates.

Status of access roads and connecting roads

T1 ↔ T2 Improvement of
Connecting road
T1-T2 connecting road 4 lanes road, 3.87km (2.4 miles)
T1 southern road Underground, 1.72km (1.1 miles)
T2 Extension of
Access road
T2 access road 6→8 Lanes, 3.52km (2.2 miles)
Expansion of
Parking facilities
T2 long-term parking lot 3,772 access for parking
T2 long-term parking building 6,400 access for parking, 2 buildings
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Securing on-time rates for passengers moving between T1↔T2

Improved passenger convenience and on-time rates with installation of the T1↔T2 connecting road.

Access Roads and Connecting Roads Photo Gallery

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