Incheon International Airport Corporation


Ancillary facilities

The following is an introduction of Incheon International Airport's ancillary facilities.
Ancillary facilities: Endless efforts behind the stage

Incheon Airpot makes endless efforts to become a safer and more convenient airport. Additional security facilities will be installed to maintain the world's top level security, and various support facilities will be constructed so that passengers will not experience discomfort. Also, new renewable energy facilities will be expanded in full scale in keeping with the government's energy policy.

  • Long-term parking building A/B

    Total floor area: 135,000㎡ (13.5 ha)

    No. of buldings: 2

    Parking spaces: 6,400

    ※ Provides parking convenience to users
  • Airport security guard station

    Total floor area: 16,500㎡ (1.65 ha)

    No. of buildings: 3

    ※ Provides stable security service in the airport
  • Photovoltaic power room B Fuel cell power room

    No. of buildings: 2

    ※ Provides new renewable energy
  • Maintenance and facility support (Building 26) ※ Support facility for stable airport operation