Incheon International Airport Corporation


Policies and Use Guide

The following are the website policies and the use guide.

Information for the Blind

Incheon International Airport Corporation is participating in the realization of an equalized information society with no information minority groups. In order to provide the visually-impaired with comfortable and easy access with the Incheon International Airport Homepage, Incheon International Airport Corporation has created a homepage to offer service that is in accordance with the National Information Society Agency’s 「Web Accessibility Guidelines」.

How to Use the Incheon International Airport Homepage

As the Incheon International Airport Homepage complies with web accessibility and is built with CSS (cascading style sheets), it can be used without the need to construct a separate handicapped homepage.

The Incheon International Airport Homepage provides optimal web environments so that visually-impaired users can listen to the homepage’s contents through their screen reader (programs that read the texts on the screen to users) programs.

Users without screen reader programs must install the ‘Dream Voice 6.0’ program provided to the visually-impaired by the Silloam Center for the Visually-Impaired Software Development Institute (02-880-0840~5).