Incheon Airport Observatory deck(T2)

Incheon Airport Observatory deck(T2) 1번 Observatory
Incheon Airport Observatory deck(T2) 2번

Incheon Airport Observatory deck(T2) 3번
Incheon Airport Observatory deck(T2) 4번
Operating hours
07:00 ~ 20:00
(Open all year)
Center of Public Area 5F, Terminal 2

This is a representative attraction of Incheon International Airport Terminal 2, offering a view of the apron and aircraft taking off and landing.

Located on the top floor of Terminal 2, the Incheon Airport Observatory Deck (T2) welcomes visitors with a variety of facilities under various themes, including the History Zone, Public Relations Zone, an observatory deck, and a cafe. The video show will provide you with an memorable experience by utilizing a large airport model and 3D mapping technology.

  • History Zone, Observatory Deck : The History Zone and Observatory Deck provide insights into the 20-year history of Incheon International Airport, from its inauguration to its development as a world-class airport. In addition to the past milestones and highlights of Incheon International Airport, the moments of passion and dedication of the people involved in its successful opening and operation are recorded. A variety of experience facilities are available, including an observation area that offers a view of dynamic aircraft takeoffs and landings on the runways. Additionally, there is the "Incheon Airport Gallery," a photo zone where you can capture interesting pictures against the backdrop of various areas around the airport.

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