Lost or Damaged Baggage

The information on the website is for reference only. Please check with the corresponding airline/institution/facility for accuracy.

Damaged baggage

  1. Please report the damaged baggage immediately to the lost baggage information desk behind the baggage claim area.
  2. After confirming damage, the airline staff will report and process
  3. Any damaged baggage is the responsibility of each airline. Compensation will be processed according to each airlines' refund policy, but depending on the case in claiming compensation might be difficult.
  4. Even if you have already left the airport and cannot file a claim in person, please call the airline directly to address the issue.

Check the airport website for airline contact information. Airline contact information

Lost baggage

  • Please contact your airline directly as each airline manages all the baggage and the compensation policy varies between airlines.
  • If you are departing from Incheon Airport and arriving at another airport, please contact the destination airport regarding any lost items.
Responsible agencies for lost item management안내표
Related Area Responsible Agency Tel. Number Website
  • Terminals and Concourse
  • Transit Center and surrounding areas
  • Curbside and parking lot area
Terminal 1 Lost and Found Office 032-741-3110, 3114, 8991, 8992 Go Search Lost and Found items
Terminal 2 Lost and Found Office
  • Items lost on board or checked baggage related concerns
Korean Air Lost and Found 032-742-5194 Go
Asiana Lost and Found 032-744-2205 Go
Other Airlines 1577-2600
  • Within the bonded area (Duty free zone, departure gate, arrival hall)
Terminal 1 Customs Department 032-722-4426 Go
Terminal 2 Customs Department 032-723-5119
  • Airport bus and train: lost items
Airport Limousine Service 032-743-7607
Call Limousine Service 02-2667-0386
Airport Train 032-745-7777 Go
Bus Terminal Lost and Found 1577-2600

Guide to reclaiming lost baggage

Terminal 1

제1여객터미널 분실 수하물 수취대 안내도 : 면세지역, 일반지역, A-F입국장, 1~14 출입구, 분실수하물 카운터 등을 나타냅니다. 제1여객터미널 분실 수하물 수취대는 3번, 8번, 15번, 21번 수하물수취대 후면 부근에 있습니다.

Terminal 2

제2여객터미널 분실 수하물 수취대 안내도 : 면세지역, 일반지역, A~B 입국장, 1~6 출입구, 분실수하물 카운터 등을 나타내고 있습니다. 제2여객터미널 분실 수하물 수취대는 1-2번 사이, 9-10번 사이 수하물수취대 후면 부근에 위치합니다.
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