Manned Immigration

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Manned Immigration

  • Passengers should check that they have a valid passport and entry visa.
  • There are situations in which you do not need a visa for the destination or layover country
    • Travelling to country with visa waiver agreement
    • Possessing the re-entry approval form from the destination or layover country
    • Travelling to a country that provides visas upon arrival

Immigration Process

  1. 심사절차 관련 이미지
    step 01
    Wait in line in front of the immigration desk.
  2. 심사절차 관련 이미지
    step 02
    Take off any hats or sunglasses during the wait, and refrain from phone calls.
  3. 심사절차 관련 이미지
    step 03
    Present your passport to the screening agent.

    When necessary, you might be asked to see your boarding pass.

  4. 심사절차 관련 이미지
    step 04
    Once the screening is over, receive your passport and walk through the screening gate.

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