Priority service

Information Use

패스트트랙 이용안내
Operating hours
  • Terminal 1
    • Exclusive Departure Gate 1 and 6 : 7 to 10
    • General Departure Gate 2 to 5 : Operation hours at each departure site
  • Terminal 2
    • Departure Gate 1 : 6:30 to 19
    • Departure Gate 2 : 24 hours
Eligible users Vulnerable passengers and priority passengers

Up to 3 companions may use the service

Vulnerable passengers Passengers with disabilities Level 1 - 5
Minors Under 7 years of age
Elderly Over 70 years of age
Pregnant passengers Pregnant mothers
Infirm passengers Passengers requiring a wheelchair, portable bed, medical supply of oxygen, etc.

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s “Degree of Disability Standard”

Pass image
패스트 트랙 패스 이미지 Terminal 1 Priority passengers Card
패스트 트랙 패스 이미지 Terminal 2 Priority passengers Card

Priority passengers

패스트트랙 출입국우대자 이용 안내
Type Description
Priority Entry and Departure Card holder Foreign capital investor, mutual growth outstanding businesses, family-friendly certified businesses, outstanding businesses that support victims of crime support, ex-convict hiring businesses, outstanding businesses creating jobs
Priority Entry and Departure passengers (card holder) Passengers with: ABTC Card(APEC Travel Card), Investment Visa(D-8), model taxpayer card, AEO card, CIP card, Korea-visiting VIP card Independence heroes, patriots and veterans, disabled participants of the 5.18 Independence Movement

Using Priority service

  • In order to use Priority service at the Incheon Airport, the eligible passenger will verify their status at the airline’s check-in counter and receive the “Priority service Pass.” Present it with the passport at the exclusive departure area entrance.
  • Priority passengers do not need a separate pass. Just present your priority card at the exclusive departure area entrance.
  1. Receive Priority Lane Card

    Receive during check-in at the check-in counter or airline designated issue location

  2. Present the Pass at the Priority service Exclusive Departure Area entrance

    Present passport, boarding pass, and Priority Lane Card or Priority Passenger Card to the security agent.

  3. Security Check/
    Immigration Process

    Proceed to boarding gate after security check and immigration process.

Priority service Pass Exclusive Departure Area

Terminal 1

패스트 트랙 Pass 전용출국장 지도 이미지

Terminal 2

패스트 트랙 Pass 전용출국장 지도 이미지

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