General security check

  • After completing boarding procedure and customs declaration, proceed to the nearest departure area for security check.
  • If the nearest departure area is crowded, you can use other departure halls.
  • For safe operation of flights, visitors who are not traveling cannot enter beyond the security check area.

Security check procedure

  1. 제1 여객터미널 보안검색 절차 관련 이미지
    step 01
    Present your passport and boarding pass to the security guard.
  2. 제1 여객터미널 보안검색 절차 관련 이미지
    step 02
    Place all items in the basket provided and put on the x-ray conveyor belt (backpack, handbag, tote, etc.)
    Place electronic devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) in a separate basket.
  3. 제1 여객터미널 보안검색 절차 관련 이미지
    step 03
    Follow the directions and pass through metal detector or body scanner.

If necessary. there might be additional inspection.

If you have items to be reported/declared, visit the Customs desk before security check.

Do not fill out the departure reporting form.

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