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Regular parking fee

Vehicle classification - Category, Compact, Large-size
Category Parking fee
Compact Large-size
Short-term Parking Lot KRW 1,200 (first 30 min.)
KRW 600 (per extra 15 min.)

KRW 24,000 (daily rate)

Long-term Parking (Parking Tower included) KRW 1,000 (per hour)

KRW 9,000 (daily rate)

KRW 1,200 (per 30 min.)

KRW 12,000 (daily rate)

Reserved Parking KRW 1,000 (per hour)

KRW 9,000 (daily rate)

Cargo Terminal Parking Lot Free (first 45 min.)
KRW 500 (per extra 15 min.)

KRW 10,000 (daily rate)

Free (first 45 min.)
KRW 600 (per extra 15 min.)

KRW 12,000 (daily rate)

Please use Long-term Parking Lot if parking for more than one day.

Short-term Parking Lot is for private passenger cars only (height limit: 2.1 m).

Long-term Parking Lot includes parking lots outside the airport and temporary parking lots.

Fees for reserved parking are charged based on the actual time of arrival and departure. Large vehicles over 2.8 m are not eligible to make parking reservations.

Short-term Parking Lot rates apply to the Incheon International Airport Corporation (Office) Parking Lot in Terminal 1 and the Second Government Complex Parking Lot in Terminal 2.

Vehicle classification

Vehicle classification - Category, Compact, Large-size
Category Compact Large-size
Passenger car All types -
Bus 15 passengers or less 16 passengers or more
Cargo truck Max. loading capacity of 1 ton Max. loading capacity exceeding 1 ton

For detailed classification, refer to the classification by scale specified in Annex 1 of the Enforcement Rule of the Automobile Management Act.

Parking fee payment

Parking fee payment - Payment via pre-paid kiosk/mobile app
Payment via pre-paid kiosk Payment via mobile app
  1. 1. Enter your plate number in an automatic payment machine located throughout the parking lot.
  2. 2. Pay the indicated amount and collect the receipt (cash, debit card, credit card, transit card, Hi-Pass card accepted).
  3. 3. Drive out of parking lot through the booth or automated gate.
  1. 1. 1. Download the Incheon Airport guide app (available for Android and iOS).
  2. 2. Enter your plate number via "Transportation/Parking - Parking Fee Payment" menu.
  3. 3. Select your vehicle type and pay the parking fee.
  4. 4.Drive out of parking lot through the booth or automated gate.
Parking Fee Payment - Payment at booth/automated gate
Payment at parking booth Payment at automated gate
  1. 1.Proceed to the parking booth.
  2. 2.Pay the fee, and exit
    (cash, debit card, credit card, transit card, Hi-Pass card accepted).
  1. 1.Proceed to the automated gate.
  2. 2.Pay the amount indicated on the screen
    (debit card, credit card, transit card, Hi-Pass card accepted).
  3. 3. Exit when the gate opens.


Discount Eligibility - Subcompact cars, Persons with disability / Persons of distinguished service to the state (w/ disability) / Persons of distinguished service for the May 18 Democratization Movement (w/ disability) / Patients suffering from aftereffects of defoliants (w/ disability), Vehicles of associations or groups of the disabled, Vehicles of multi-child families, Low-emission vehicles
  • Conditions: Light-typed motor vehicles according to Annex 1, Article 2 of the Enforcement Rules of the Automobile Management Act
  • Required documents: None (vehicle check through administrative information search)
Discount: 50%
Persons with Disability
Persons of Distinguished Service to the State (w/ Disability)
Persons of Distinguished Service for the May 18 Democratization Movement (w/ Disability)
Patients Suffering from Aftereffects of Defoliants (w/ Disability)
  • Conditions: Person subject to discount must be riding in his/her vehicle and identification mark must be attached
    - In the case it is difficult for a person subject to discount to ride his/her vehicle, present a boarding pass for departure on the same day, etc. for verification.
  • Required documents: Certificate issued by the government (e.g. welfare card for the disabled, certificate of person of distinguished service to the state and highway toll discount card (issued by Korea Expressway Corporation), etc.)
Vehicles of Associations/Groups of the Disabled
  • Conditions: Identification mark must be attached
  • Required documents: None
Vehicles of Multi-child Families
  • Conditions: Vehicle under the name of the head of multi-child household who holds priority card for multi-child families
    ※ Priority card for multi-child families issued by local governments or affiliated banks
  • Required documents:
    - Priority card for multi-child families
    ※ If the card is not available, present a government-issued document for verification (copy of resident registration, health insurance card)
    - Vehicle registration of the head of multi-child family (father/mother)
    ※ If the names on the priority card and vehicle registration are different, it is necessary to additionally present the certificate of family relation, etc.
    ※ Discount does not apply to vehicles under corporate names. Exceptions apply, however, to a vehicle rented/leased under the name of a parent of a multi-child family with the additional document presented (lease/rental contract).
  • Other information:
    - If you did not receive discount due to unavailability of required documents, follow the instructions when exiting the parking lot to receive a discount (refund) on the parking fees.
    - The head of a household with three or more of less than 18-year-old children can check the discount criteria of each local government through a prior application via the Incheon Airport Parking website Go to Incheon Airport Parking
Low-emission Vehicles
  • Conditions: Registered low-emission vehicles
  • Required documents: None (check through administrative information search)

Class 1 & 2: 50%

Class 3: 20%

The detailed classification of discount targets is as specified by the relevant law.

  • In order to ensure transparency in reducing parking fees of public institutions, Incheon Airport retains copies (scanned copies) of the relevant certificates (vehicle registration, resident registration, driver's license). Please be informed that security of the documents is strictly protected according to Article 9 of the Act on the Protection on Personal Information Maintained by Public Institutions (Securing Safety, etc. of Private Information).
  • Commercial vehicles (call vans and taxis, etc.) are excluded from discounts. However, parking fees can be discounted if documents verifying the use of a commercial vehicle for a personal purpose are presented.
  • If a person eligible for parking fee discount has paid the regular fee due to the lack of required documents, etc., he/she can receive a refund upon presentation of the relevant documents within 30 days (including weekends and public holidays). Please be advised that a refund cannot be processed after the time limit.
  • Please use the entry/exit for the disabled (3A (outer road) on the 3rd floor (Departure)) to ride a vehicle at the terminal rather than the parking lot.
  • (Multi-child Family Discount) The discount criteria for multi-child families were changed (May 24, 2019) in order to minimize the required documents and improve users' convenience. Accordingly, discount is offered swiftly through the presentation of the priority card for multi-child families and vehicle registration only.

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