Parking Fee

Regular parking fee

주차 일반요금안내표
Type Parking Fee
Regular car Oversized car
Short-term Parking First 30 min. 1,200 KRW
Additional 15 min. 600 KRW

Daily Rate: 24,000KRW

Long-term Parking (Parking Tower included) 1,000 KRW

Daily Rate: 9,000 KRW

Each 30 min. 1,200 KRW

Daily Rate: 12,000 KRW

Cargo Terminal Parking Lot First 45 min. Free Additional 15 min. 500 KRW

Daily Rate: 10,000 KRW

First 45 min. Free Additional 15 min. 600 KRW

Daily Rate: 12,000 KRW

Please use the long-term parking lots if you are parking for more than 1 day.

Short-term parking lot is restricted to passenger cars (height limit of 2.1m)

Long-term parking lot includes Incheon International Airport Co. office building vicinity and temporary parking lots.

Calculating the parking fee

주차요금 정산안내표
Paying by Self-payment machine Paying with the mobile app
  1. 1. Enter your plate number on the self-payment machine located throughout the parking lot.
  2. 2. Pay the indicated amount and take the receipt with you. (cash, debit card, credit card, transit card, and Hi-Pass Card accepted)
  3. 3. Drive out of the parking lot through the automatic or booth exit.
  1. 1. Download the Incheon Airport Guide App. (Available for both Android and iOS)
  2. 2. Enter your plate number under “Transportation/Parking – pay for parking”.
  3. 3. Select your car type and pay the parking fee.
  4. 4. Drive out of the parking lot through the automatic or booth exit.
주차요금 정산안내표
Paying at the parking booth Paying at the automated gate
  1. 1. Proceed to the parking booth.
  2. 2. Pay the appropriate fee and exit. (cash, debit card, credit card, transit card, and Hi-Pass Card accepted)
  1. 1. Proceed to the automated gate.
  2. 2. Pay the amount indicated on the screen. (debit card, credit card, transit card, and Hi-Plus card accepted)
  3. 3. Exit when gate opens.

Discount rates

요금감면 경차, 장애인/국가유공자(상이등급)/5·18민주유공자(장애등급)/고엽제 후유증 환자(장애등급), 장애인 협회 차량 또는 장애인 단체 차량, 저공해 자동차
Economy car
  • Conditions of exemption : Light duty motor vehicles according to Article 2 Annex 1 of the Rules for Enforcement of the Automobile Management Act.
  • Required documents : No (Vehicle is checked by administrative information inquiry)
Reduction rate 50%
Person with disability, Veteran(disabled), 5·18 Independence Movement veteran(disabled), Patients suffering from long-term side effects of defoliants(disabled)
  • Conditions of exemption : If it is difficult for a person to ride a vehicle, attach an identification mark, or offer an airline ticket on the same day.
  • Required documents : State-issued certificates (evidence) are presented (e.g. welfare cards for the disabled, state-funded certificates, highway toll reduction cards (issued by the highway corporation), etc.)
Disabled Association or other group vehicle for a group with disabilities
  • Conditions of exemption : Identification sign affixed
  • Required documents : none
Multi-child household
  • Exemption : A vehicle under the name of the head of a household (father or mother) who possesses a Multi-child Priority Card
    ※ Multi-child Priority Cards may be issued at local government bodies or regional affiliated banks)
  • Required documents :
    - Multi-child Priority Card
    ※ If there is no card in possession, a state-issued document (copy of resident registration or health insurance card), from which the presence of multiple children may be verified, may be presented
    - Vehicle registration of the head of a multi-child household (father or mother)
    ※ If the name on the card and vehicle registration are different, additional documentation, such as a certificate of family registry, is required
    ※ Corporate-owned vehicles are not applicable
  • Other items
    - If a discount was not received on-site due to an inadequate documentation, parking fees may be exempt (refunded) while leaving by following specified instruction.
    - For the head of a household with three children under the age of 18, more convenient usage is available by registering on the automatic exemption website ( in advance.
Low-emission car
  • Exemption : Low Emission Vehicle Identification Sticker
  • Required documents :None (Verified through administrative information inquiry)
    ※ Unregistered vehicles require documents.
    - Low emission vehicle documentation (Vehicles with registration-based electric or hybrid stickers)

50% of 1st and 2nd species

20% of the 3 species

The detailed classification of those subject to the exemption shall be in accordance with the regulations set forth in the law.

  • In order to ensure transparency in reducing parking fees for public institutions, we have a copy (scan) of the relevant certificates (vehicle registration card, resident registration card and driver's license), which is fully secured in accordance with Article 9 of the Public Institutions' Privacy Act (Securing the Safety of Personal Information).
  • Commercial vehicles (collans, taxis, etc.) are excluded from the discount list. However, parking fees can be discounted if a commercial vehicle presents documents that demonstrate the use of non-operating personal purposes.
  • Please be advised that if a person eligible for parking fee reduction has been settled as a general fee due to lack of documents, the refund can be processed for evidence of related documents within 5 days based on the working day of the government office, and that a refund cannot be made after the time has elapsed.
  • If a person eligible for exemption paid a general fee due to an inadequate documentation, etc., a refund may be processed once the pertinent documentation is submitted within 30 days (including weekends and holidays). Please note that upon period expiry, refunds are no longer available.
  • (Exemption for multi-child households) Multi-child household exemption criteria have been updated (as of 24 May 2019) so as to minimize the number of required documents while promoting user convenience. Simply present your Multi-child Priority Card and vehicle registration for quick, on-site exemption.

Standard of distinguishing vehicle types

차량 구분 기준 안내표
Type Small Large
Car All -
Bus Under 15 seats Over 16 seats
Cargo truck Under 1 ton Over 1 ton

Details are set according to standards in the “Standard of Automobile Management Act” Appendix 1


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