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Customers who wish to use a call van are to visit the “Airport Call Van Information Counter” near Exit 12~13 on the first floor of Terminal 1 and near Exit 4 on the first floor of Terminal 2, and are advised to be wary of illegal solicitation in other areas.

콜벤 이용 안내 표-제1여객터미널/제2여객터미널 전화, 안내카운터 위치, 승차장, 운영시간, 이용대상, 요금
Type Terminal 1 Terminal 2
Contact 032) 743-0828 032) 743-0831
Information Desk Near Exit 12~13 (1F) - Terminal 1 Near Exit 4 (1F) - Terminal 2
Call van stand 10C (1F) - Terminal 1 6D (1F) - Terminal 2
Operating hours 08:00 ~ 21:00 (year round)
Target users Passengers carrying 20 kg baggage per person (a group of five or less passengers)
Fee Metered (toll not included)

Call-Van stop location

Terminal 1

제1 여객터미널 콜밴 이용 위치 안내

Terminal 2

제2 여객터미널 콜밴 이용 위치 안내
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