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Beach Trip

  1. 주변 바다 전경
    • Contents are from the Airport Train website’s tourist page.
    • Take the Maglev Train all the way to the final stop (Yongyu Station) and cross one street to meet the wide ocean. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery that changes with the ebb and flow of the tide, but there also is a variety of food you can try. Maglev makes your trip to the Seaside Market, Masiran Beach, and Muui/Small Muui/Silmi Islands easy. If you take Bus 306 in front of Youngyu Station, you can easily visit Eul-wang-ri and the Fairy Rock.

Recommendation 1 – Noori Path along Muui Beach

  1. 무의바다 누리길 전경
    • Noori Path is a must-visit course for couples as well as families. It is a beautiful seaside walk that takes about an hour, and it is located on Small Muuido, which is connect to Muuido by a 414m bridge. You can enjoy the quaint fishing village. Muui Beach Noori Path is the perfect way to enjoy an open scenery with the ocean to one side and the forest to another. It crosses through 8 must-see-sites, which includes a Buddhist shrine, Mong-Yeo Beach with a pebble path, Myeong-Sa Beach, and General Boulder. They all have their own legends.
    • Silmi Island Beach on Muui Island. During low tides, a walkway reveals itself, so you can walk to the island.
    • Apart from Muui Beach Noori Path, you can use the local buses to get to Hanagae Beach and Silmi Island one after another for a nice trekking course. Silmi Island, which is a stone-throws away from Muui Island, can be reached by a walkway that appears during low tides, presenting a different charm from Small Muui Island or the seaside paths of Muui Island.

Recommendation 2 – Yongyu Beach Trekking

  1. 용유해변 전경
    • (Left) Masiran Beach / (Right) Fairy Rock on the seaside
    • Leave from the Geojampo Port in front of Yongyu Station and enjoy the beautiful seaside scenery on a trek through Masian-Yongyu-Fairy Rock-Eul-wang-ri-Wangsan Beach.
    • Getting there
      • Muui/Small Muui/Silmi Islands:
        • Get off the Maglev Train at Yongyu Station
        • Jamjin Island Whart (10-15 min. walk)
      • Ship Ride:
        • Jamjin Island Whart
        • Yongyu Beach(Masiran, Fairy Rock, Eul-wang-ri, Wangsan Beach / Departing every hour at 15, 45 min (30 minute interval) / Depart Muui Island: Every hour on the dot, 30 min / Adult 3,000 KRW, Child 2,100 KRW
      • Yongyu Beach(Masiran, Fairy Rock, Eul-wang-ri, Wangsan Beach):
        • Get off the Maglev Train at Yongyu Station
        • Take Bus 306 from the bus station in front of the train station (takes 10-20 minutes)

Food Trip

    • Geojampo, located in front of Maglev Yongyu Station, is a place where you can see the sunrise and sunset. You can also enjoy roast clams, seafood stew, fresh sashimi, seasfood noodles, nutrious oyster rice, and other foods full of the ocean’s tastes and scents.
    • ‘Airport City Cooperative Town’ was created in 2007 by renovating old restaurants of Yongyu Island and Yeongjong Island. It provides a beautiful atmosphere where you can enjoy delicious specialties of the area, and the place is particularly well-known for its seafood noodle made of clams harvested directly from Yongyu Island shores.
    • There also are famous restaurants in eateries around Yongyu Station and Masiran Beach.

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