Late-night bus

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  • Same as the regular airport bus fare (late-night extra charge not applicable, employee discount not applicable)
  • Cash and transit card accepted
  • Employee voucher or discount ticket cannot be applied.
Destination Adult Child
Seoul Station/Gangnam Express Bus Terminal 9,000KRW 7,500KRW
Songjeong Station 5,000KRW 4,000KRW


심야버스 운행노선

Operating hours( Terminal 1)

Origin Destination Leave Arrive
Incheon Airport Seoul Station 00:15 01:25
01:05 02:15
02:00 03:10
02:55 04:05
03:45 04:55
04:40 05:50
Gangnam Express Bus Terminal 23:50 01:00
00:40 01:50
01:30 02:40
02:30 03:40
03:20 04:30
04:10 05:20
Origin Destination Leave Arrive
Seoul Station Incheon Airport 22:55 00:05
23:45 00:55
00:40 01:50
01:35 02:45
02:25 03:35
03:20 04:30
Gangnam Express Bus Terminal 22:30 23:40
23:20 00:30
00:10 01:20
01:10 02:20
02:00 03:10
02:50 04:00
  • Getting on and off the bus is only allowed at the set bus stops, and these buses do not stop at Airport New Town.
  • The operating times might change depending on the conditions on the road.

Late-night bus stop

노선 별 심야버스 정류장 안내표
Stop Location Stop No.
Seoul Station Seoul Station Transfer Center Line 3 02003
Gangnam Express Bus Terminal Across from the Shinsegae Mall 22793
Sinyongsan Station Sinyongsan Station Exit 3 03004
노선 별 심야버스 정류장 안내표
Stop Location Stop No/
Heukseok Station Myeongsu Daehyun Apartments, in front of Bethel Church 20782
Yeomchang Station Central bus lane 16001
Songjeong Station In front of Sinhan Bank Airport-dong Branch 16117
노선 별 심야버스 정류장 안내표
Terminal 1 제1여객터미널 정류장 안내도
Seoul Station 서울역 심야버스 정류장 안내도
Gangnam Express Bus Terminal 강남버스터미널 심야버스 정류장 안내도
Sinyongsan Station 신용산역 심야버스 정류장 안내도
Heukseok Station 흑석역 심야버스 정류장 안내도
Yeomchang Station 염창역 심야버스 정류장 안내도
Songjeong Station 송정역 심야버스 정류장 안내도

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  • Managing department : Transportation Services Team
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