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Volunteer Group

Incheon Airport Ambassador

Ambassadors equipped with a spirit of volunteering and foreign language proficiency shall engage in the volunteer activities for one year.

  • To participate and become one of our ambassadors, check the notice and submit your application.
  • Applicants will be managed as our talent pool to be selected according to our Incheon Airport Ambassador operation plan.
Volunteer Activity Regulations
  1. 1 As a member of the volunteer group representing Incheon International Airport, we cordially ask you to understand the vision, mission and goals of the volunteer group and provide friendly and proactive service to the customers who use the airport.
  2. 2 Keep in mind that every activity you are asked to do is to help our customers at Incheon International Airport based on a spirit of volunteering and pride. Always put yourself in the customers' place.
  3. 3 Be punctual. Come 15 minutes before the volunteer activity begins and listen to the instructions of the day to get fully prepared.
  4. 4 Wear the designated volunteer uniform, nametag, bag and other required gear during the activity.
  5. 5 Refrain from making private phone calls, chit-chat, or taking unnecessarily extended breaks during the activity.
  6. 6 Follow the established lunch time and other meal schedules. Take meals in turns to minimize absence.
  7. 7 Always keep in mind the basic spirit of volunteering. Act for the purpose of spiritual rewards and satisfaction, not material rewards.
  8. 8 Actively follow the work-related requests from our corporation and captains for the smooth operation and progress of the Incheon Airport Ambassadors.
  9. 9 In case of an accident or unusual situation during the activity, do not panic and report the situation immediately according to the reporting system.
  10. 10 Please cooperate actively with all the measures taken by our corporation regarding the operation of Incheon Airport Ambassador.
Direct any questions regarding information on the website to:
  • Managing department : Passenger Service 1 Team / Passenger Service 2 Team
  • Telephone : Passenger Service 1 Team +082-32-741-2426, 2427 / Passenger Service 2 Team +082-32-741-2571