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Incheon International Airport Corporation logo

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Our symbol represents Incheon International Airport as a hub airport that extends from the center of mankind, logistics, and information to the world as a 21st century futuristic airport with the combined images of a bird, Korea's traditional cloud form, and the taegeuk.

인천공항공사 로고 이미지

The logotype should remain unadulterated - random adjustment in spacing or changes in thickness should be avoided.

인천공항공사 로고 글자 이미지

Unauthorized use of Incheon International Airport's CI without prior consent may result in legal penalties for trademark infringement.

Vertical combination
상하조합로고 상세 이미지
Horizontal combination A
좌우조합A 로고 상세 이미지
Horizontal combination B
좌우조합B 로고 상세 이미지
Direct any questions regarding information on the website to:
  • Managing department : PR Team
  • Telephone : +082-32-741-2012, 2115