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Boarding guidelines for pregnant mothers and infants

Boarding guidelines for pregnant mothers and infants
Category Information
Pregnant mothers Pregnancy under 32 weeks (under 8 months) May travel except in cases where the doctor prohibited flying
Pregnancy over 32 weeks, under 36 weeks (over 8 months, under 9 months) May travel only if you sign a waiver form and have written approval or medical certificate from a medical professional within 7 days of travel date
Pregnancy over 36 weeks (over 9 months, 32 weeks in the case of multiple pregnancy) Not allowed to board for flight and passenger safety.
Infants Infants over 7 days old may generally board flights.
Korean Air only allows international and domestic flights for infants over 7 days old, and Asiana only allows domestic flights for infants over 7 days old and international flights for infants over 14 days old. (There may be exceptional cases where boarding is possible after approval process.)

Services within the airport

Stroller rental service

You can rent wheelchairs and strollers free of charge at any information desk within the airport.

Terminal 1

제 1여객터미널 유모차 대여위치 지도 이미지

Terminal 2

제 2여객터미널 유모차 대여위치 지도 이미지

Support service for pregnant mothers and women with children

  • Asiana Airlines provides a support service for individual passengers traveling with two or more infants under 7 years old.
  • Korean Air provides a staff member to assist women accompanied by more than 2 children under the age of 7 through the “One Family Service” during the boarding procedure, travel to boarding gate, and other parts of travel.

Toddler rest area

  • Toddlers, their guardians, and pregnant mothers may use the Incheon Airport Playroom.
  • For the convenience of taking care of infants, there are nursing rooms, changing tables, sink, baby bottle disinfector, filtered water dispenser, scale, and hand sanitizer.
유아 휴게실 관련 이미지

Terminal 1

제 1여객터미널 유아휴게실 지도 이미지

Terminal 2

제 2여객터미널 유아휴게실 지도 이미지

Childrens' Play Area

  • Incheon Airport provides a play area for young passengers under the age of 8 to play around and enjoy.
어린이 놀이 시설 관련 실사 이미지

Terminal 1

제 1여객터미널 어린이 놀이시설 지도 이미지

Terminal 2

제 2여객터미널 어린이 놀이시설 지도 이미지

Easy Pickup (Baggage-Free Service)

  • We provide paid services for the Goodlugg staff to pick up your luggage from Incheon International Airport and deliver it right to your home or hotel in South Korea.
  • Eligibility: Passengers with disabilities and the mobility impaired (e.g. children under 6 and their guardians, pregnant women, those over 65, children under 13).
  • Directions: Make a reservation up to 3 hours before your flight via the Goodlugg app or
  • Inquiries: KakaoTalk channel (ID: goodlugg)
배기지프리 안내판 및 만나는곳 안내 사진


Restrictions on web check-in service

Passengers traveling with children under age 2 or unaccompanied minors are exempt from using the web check-in service.

The restrictions might vary among airlines, so please contact your airline in advance.

Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service

  • Although the restrictions might vary among airlines, children under age 5 typically cannot travel without an adult.
  • Children age 5 and above may travel alone on a flight, and most airlines provide Unaccompanied Minor Service especially for children traveling without an adult. The service involves an airline employee being assigned to the UM passenger and accompanying them onto the plane where a crewmember will be responsible for the UM passenger until another airline employee at the destination picks up the passenger and guide them to the guardian waiting at the destination.
  • Korean Air also provides “Junior Care Service” where an airline employee accompanies a UM passenger from a domestic airport through Incheon Airport to a destination abroad.

Security check and immigration process

보안검색 및 출국심사 안내 표
Exceptions to restrictions on liquid and gel items
  • Infant milk (breastmilk, formula), baby food, juice, wet tissue, etc. necessary for the duration of the flight are allowed

    only when travelling with a young child

  • There is no need to seal it in a 1L clear plastic bag. Just hand to a security officer for verification and proceed to carry on board.
Exceptions to the full body x-ray scan
  • Pregnant mothers and young children as well as other eligible vulnerable passengers are exempt from the full body x-ray scan. In such a case, a security officer will inspect the passenger in person.
Priority Lane
  • In order to use Priority Lane at the Incheon Airport, vulnerable passengers (persons registered as disabled, minors under 7 years of age, seniors over 70 years of age, pregnant mothers, 3 companions included) will need to verify their status at the airline’s check-in counter and receive the “Priority Lane Card”. Present it with the passport at the exclusive departure area entrance.

Service on board

All on-board services vary among airlines, so please contact your airline to check availability.

기내서비스 안내 표
Baby bassinet
  • An infant traveling on an infant airfare does not have an assigned seat, so request a baby bassinet ahead of time for a convenient flight.
  • A baby bassinet is provided only to passengers who request it more than 48 hours in advance, and each aircraft can allow around 4 bassinets for the very first row of economy seats. (You must request it in advance, but there still might be a shortage due to availability and space restriction)
Child seat and safety belt
  • If you pay a child’s fare and are traveling on a long-distance flight with a between age 2 and 23, airlines provide a child seat and safety belt at your request. Please reserve in advance.
Infant meal on board
  • It might vary among airlines, but there is a special infant meal. You must request at least 24 hours in advance, and the menu will either include a liquid formula or baby food.
  • Korean Air: under 12 months – liquid formula, baby juice, between 12 and 24 months – baby food and juice
  • Asiana: Baby Meal, Infant Meal, Kid’s Meal
  • Depending on the airline, they might provide extra services such as a nursing cover, thermal socks, changing table, and complimentary stroller or extra bag check.
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