Valet Parking

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  • Official valet parking service provider: Hi Green Parking Homepage
  • Operating hours: 24 hours
  • Registration location: Transit Center, West Floor B1, Terminal 2 (Short-Term Parking Lot)
  • Parking space: All parking spaces are outdoors and exposed to the weather and the environment

In the case of peak seasons, the cars might have to be parked in Short-Term Parking Lot or Cargo Terminal Parking Lot.

Valet parking is prohibited from the lanes in front of Floor 3.

Dropping off your car

  1. Arrive at

    Drop off all baggage and fellow travelers at Terminal2 Floor 3 (Departure area).

  2. Drive to the official valet parking registration center

    Follow the blue lane and signed to valet parking from Terminal2 Floor 3 (Departure area).

  3. Drop off car and receive the registration form

    Drop off your car and receive the registration form.

The official valet parking staff members are wearing orange uniforms(●).

There have been problems with unauthorized valet parking services, so please be wary.

Unauthorized valet services that take the car to an off-site parking lot are not related to Incheon Airport, and the Airport is not responsible for any harms or loss arising from using these services.

도로상 주차대행안내 문구 실사 이미지
주차대행 표지판 실사 이미지

Picking up your car

  • Follow the instructions on your registration form to visit the pick-up center, pay the service fee, and receive your car.

Valet parking service fee

주차대행 서비스 이용요금 안내표
Valet parking service fee
Light-weight vehicle
20,000KRW Disabled persons,
National merit recipients

The parking fee is not included (long-term parking fee applies), Valet service charges and parking charges will be settled on postpaid basis.

Disabled persons, national merit recipients who have been awarded the award, 5 · 18 democratic beneficiaries who received the disability grade, and vehicle discounts for the patient who suffered from the disability grade complainant.

Terminal 2 Official Valet Parking Service Area

제1 여객터미널 공식 주차대행 서비스 제공 구역 지도 이미지

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