Quarantine Inspection

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Animal inspection

  • Passengers with animals or animal by-products must mark the appropriate box on the Customs possession declaration form and be inspected by a quarantine officer. When entering with animals or animal by-products, you must submit the quarantine inspection approval form from the origin country.
  • All import from countries banned for import into Korea are strictly prohibited, and you will be fined for not reporting possession of such items.
  • If you visited a farm while abroad, please avoid any contact with livestock for 5 days after entry.

You will be fined for illegally carrying in animals or animal by-products without inspection.

Dogs, cats

Required documents and details

  • You may bring in up to 4 dogs and/or cats without prior registration.

In the case of importing cats from Australia and cats and dogs from Malaysia, there are additional requirements. Please contact the Animal and Plant Quarantine Inspection Agency Headquarters for more information.

구비서류 기재사항 안내표
Country Type Age (Dog, Cat) Required Documents Required for Submission
Rabies test result Microchip NO.
Countries with rabies breakout Over 90 days Inspection certificate by the government agency handling animal inspection in the origin country (or quarantine inspection certificate received upon leaving Korea) ○ (Over 0.5 IU)
Under 90 days X
Countries without rabies breakout Over 90 days X
Under 90 days X

Upon failure to fulfill the requirements, the animal(s)/product(s) may be sent back or taken to Yeongjongdo Mooring for further inspection (the owner/shipper is responsible for all related fees).

Other companion animals (pet, rabbit, hamster, ferret, etc.)

Required documents

  • 1 copy of inspection certificate by the government agency handling animal inspection in the origin country
  • Quarantine period : 5 days (Less than 1 day for portable companion bird)

Animal products requiring declaration

pork, lamb meat, poultry, and all other meat
Ham, sausage, jerky, and all other processed meat
Deer antler
Deer antler, bone, blood, and other animal products
egg whites, egg yolk, and other egg products
Milk, cheese, butter, and other dairy products

Carried animal products may be allowed in when presented with inspection certificate from the import-allowed country and nothing is amiss upon inspection.

Countries from which import is banned

  • All animal products from countries related to foot-and-mouth disease or bird flu outbreak are banned.
  • The list of import banned countries may change according to outbreak of contagious livestock diseases.

Please visit the Animal and Plant Quarantine Inspection Agency Headquarters website.

Related information

  • Companion animal entry inspection : 032-740-2660
  • Animal-related issues : 032-752-1271-2
  • Cargo pet inspection : 032-740-2678
  • Cargo livestock inspection : 032-740-2673
  • Special cargo inspection : 032-744-5550~3
  • Postal livestock inspection : 032-740-2683
Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency

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