Quarantine Inspection

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Quarantine Inspection guidelines

  • All passengers (nationals and foreigners) entering from another country are subject to quarantine inspection.
  • In the case of entry with animals or animal by-products, you must visit the Animal and Plant Quarantine Inspection Agency Headquarters to submit the quarantine inspection approval form from the origin country and be inspected.
  • Filling out the forms that crewmembers hand out on board will expedite the arrival procedure.

Inspection process

  1. Arrival

    • Flight arrival
  2. Aircraft Inspection (if from contaminated region)
    • Inspect aircraft hygiene
    • Inspect for possible carriers of contagious diseases
    • Sampling wastewater and carried food
  3. Passenger/Crewmember Inspection
    • Check for fevers
      • Subject to inspection : all passengers and crewmembers entering the country
      • Anyone with a fever over 38℃
    • Submit health questionnaire
      • Required for : all passengers and crewmembers arriving from countries with risk of contagious diseases
      • Instruction : 1 form per person with the individual’s personal information
      • [GO] Incheon Airport Quarantine Inspection Center website
  4. Quarantine Inspection Measure
    • Epidemiological investigation and sample collection
      • Stool sample : as needed for persons with diarrhea
      • Throat swab, phlegm sample: as needed for persons with fever over 38℃ or respiratory problems
    • Persons with positive symptoms: monitor through the city/province
    • Persons suspected of infection: Quarantine Inspection at Central Quarantine Medical Support Center
    • Persons testing positive for contagious diseases :
      • Patient : intake at government-designated treatment hospital
      • Disinfection of corresponding aircraft

Related information

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