Establishing transparent and fair governance

To promote stakeholders’ engagement in the decision-making process and strengthen ethics management, Incheon Airport aims to achieve the top level in overall integrity assessment of public enterprises by 2025.

Incheon Airport Leading Transparent Society

Incheon Airport endeavors to become a reliable and trustworthy airport by declaring an ethics management vision linked to the company’s core values and spreading ethics culture to all stakeholders and across the airport ecosystem.


To transform IIAC into a corporate where integrity is practiced daily by overhauling the ethics system, people, and culture

Mid- to long-term roadmap

Reinforce the ethics management system for internal paradigm shift
(spread culture of communication and trust)
Develop a comprehensive system for ethics management
(expand the system to subsidiaries and stakeholders)
Create the airport ecosystem as ethics management clean zone
(One Airport)

Mid- to long-term goals

Improve the ethics management system
Internal integrity level upgrade from 4 to 3
Zero corruption
Grade A in K-CP for ethics and compliance management
Advance to exemplary institution in ethics management
Overall integrity level upgrade from 3 to 2
Zero corruption
Grade AA in K-CP for ethics and compliance management
Achieve the highest level as a public enterprise
Highest level in overall integrity
Zero corruption
Highest grade in K-CP for ethics and compliance management

Empowering Systematic Foundation

Anti-corruption infrastructure

Intensive inspection
Field inspection on structural alliance, corruption, or illegal conduct as specified in the contract
Report activation
Prepare disciplinary criteria for violation of the obligation of informant protection, publicize reporting channels
Anti-corruption civic inspectors
Request correction of unfair systems by appointing external experts (e.g. attorneys, accountants) as ombudsmen
Integrity education
Anti-corruption and integrity education, code of conduct to eradicate promotion of private interest
  • Zero tolerance and strict punishment on illegal and corruption cases
  • Company-wide notification of violation cases

Improvement of related regulations to prevent conflict of interest

Restriction of new real estate acquisition by the executives and employees of the real estate-related divisions

Applicable targets
President, vice president, members of the Audit Committee, executive directors, and employees of the real estate-related divisions
Areas around Incheon Airport (Unseo-dong and Yongyu-dong)

Human Rights for All

IIAC spares no effort to create Incheon Airport where human rights are respected and protected. We established an internal value system and are completing differentiated human rights management.

Incheon Airport , adding value to human rights management
Incheon Airport , the new standard of human rights

Mid- to long-term roadmap

Strategy & key activities

Trustworthy human rights management
[system and organization]
  1. Setting up/dissemination of a human rights system
  2. Fortification of human rights organization
Human rights awareness that brings people together
[education and culture]
  1. Human rights management education
  2. Spreading the human rights culture
  3. Sharing of human rights information
Seamless human rights protection
[assessment and feedback]
  1. Operation and dissemination of human rights impact assessment
  2. Human rights analysis/certification system
Working groups
Human Rights Management Committee, Human Rights Infringement Relief Committee, Human Rights Management Working Group
Human rights impact assessment, human rights management level diagnosis, ISO 26000
  • 83.7 points (Grade A)
    Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB)
  • 93.1 points
    ISO 26000 assessment result (2021)
  • 0 cases
    Human rights violation cases (2020)

Human Rights Violation Relief System

IIAC operates a human rights violation report center and implements human rights violation relief system to protect the rights of every single person.

Human rights violation report center

Human rights violation relief process

Fair Competition and Treatment

Incheon Airport promotes shared growth with all members of the organization by creating a culture of fair trade where everyone is guaranteed fair competition and treatment.


Number of fair trade model promotion tasks


Task completion rate

Eradicating unfair trading
  • Improve national trading practice
  • Improve the trading practice of partners
  • Eradicate unfair conducts in the private sector
  • Voluntarily practicing of fair trade
Leading a fair trade culture
  • Develop and spread exemplary trade model
  • Expand the Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP)
Fostering an ecosystem of shared growth
  • Develop innovative technologies through R&D, etc.
  • Promote shared growth with SMEs

First Public Enterprise to Win CP Grade A Twice in a Row for Fair Operation

Since the introduction of CP,
Incheon Airport has been committed to practicing fair trade,
and thus won CP Grade A in 2021.

Spreading an ideal business model
Improve usefulness of win-win payment system to guarantee payment to SMEs and improve cash flow,
Nondisclosure agreement to protect SME technologies
Sharing performances and joint benefits
Expand the system through a link to key projects for which performance and joint benefit sharing agreement has been concluded by 20 cases or more with the IIAC-supported SMEs including smart factories
Providing feedbacks on tasks for improvement
Discover more new tasks for fair trade culture by comprehensively reflecting government policies and exemplary transaction models of the Fair Trade Commission
To set a foundation for growth into the world’s top public enterprise by spreading ESG management, ethics management, and fair trade culture
Establish a corporate culture of autonomous fair trade
Providing feedbacks on tasks for improvement

Public Participation and Open Communication

Incheon Airport established a communication system for direct participation by experts and
citizens through various activities of the related committees and innovative groups.

ESG Committee

For systematic ESG promotion and improved management transparency, IIAC strengthened the ESG management system by installing the ESG Committee under the board of directors (BOD).

Less than 5 directors
Deliberation + consulting Aug. 2021
  • Deliberation : ESG mid- to long-term/annual plan, details of key projects, feasibility of new projects
  • Consulting : - Consulting and idea proposal in relation to ESG management direction and issues

Innovative citizen participation group

IIAC operates a consultative body consisting of various stakeholders, which include experts, local residents, partners, and passengers, for bottom-up problem-solving and innovative performance creation through citizens’ participation.

Incheon Airport Customers Committee

Proposes service improvement targeting the public, performs monitoring activities

  • Develops terminal services, facility tour programs, and improvement areas
  • Proposes and discusses on airport service improvement ideas by field
  • Suggests opinions and develops improvement areas about important VOC items
  • Performs related activities, such as questionnaire surveys and interviews

Communicating with the Public through Transparent Information Disclosure

IIAC is committed to guaranteeing the citizens’ right to know and implementing responsible administration by transparently and actively disclosing information about its operation.

Go to information disclosure portal

List of disclosure items
Full list of documents produced by IIAC is transparently disclosed on the website on the following day
Information announcement in advance
Information required by citizens, such as in the fields of audit ethics, planning and finance, legal and labor affairs, HR, general affairs, and accounting, is preemptively and actively selected and disclosed even before receiving a request
Disclosure of original text
In relation to the documents for disclosure authorized by the executives of IIAC, original texts of documents produced through the information disclosure system are disclosed even without citizens’ request

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Information disclosure request
Any citizen who needs information can check out the original text in the information disclosure system ( or request information directly to the relevant public organization
[Information disclosure rate] * (Disclosed + partially disclosed) / Requests handled * 100
  • Guarantee citizens’ right to know
  • Expand administrative monitoring and implement transparent administration
  • Expand citizens’ participation in public administration

Open Public Data for Everyone

Incheon Airport is dedicating the utmost effort to identifying and opening data requested by customers and citizens, and activating data use by conducting satisfaction surveys or organizing contests.

  • Organizing contests

  • Offering job experience to the youth

  • Securing high-quality data

  • Dedicating efforts to public data disclosure

Efforts for continuous data disclosure expansion and activation of data use