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  Incheon airport guide Moving between terminals

Incheon airport guide

Terminal 1
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제1여객터미널 안내도 – 장기주차장, 단기주차장, 출국장, 면세구역으로 이루어져 있으며 탑승동까지 IAT 5분 소요됩니다.(아시아나, 제주에어, 진에어, 티웨이, 에어서울, 에어프레미아, 기타외국항공사 배치)
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제1여객터미널 안내표 : 제1교통센터, 제1여객터미널로 구성
제1교통센터 제1여객터미널
일반구역 면세구역 탑승동
4F 전문식당가 라운지, 환승호텔, 환승편의시설, 면세품인도장, 푸드코트 항공사 라운지
3F 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 택배, 편의점, 서점, 약국, 택시, 인천 시내버스

출발층(출국장) 탑승1-50 Gate

면세점, 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 약국 탑승101-132 Gate
2F 항공사 사무실
1F 캡슐호텔 리무진버스, 로밍, 환전소, 포켓와이파이, 렌터카


B1 철도대합실, 단기주차장, 환전소, 푸드코트, 편의점 전문식당가, 환전소
Terminal 2
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제2여객터미널 안내도 – 장기주차장, 단기주차장, 출국장, 면세구역으로 이루어져 있습니다. (대한항공, 델타항공, 에어프랑스, KLM네덜란드항공, 아에로멕시코, 중화항공, 가루다인도네시아, 샤먼항공, 아에로플로트 배치)
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제2여객터미널 안내표 : 제2교통센터, 제2여객터미널로 구성
제2교통센터 제2여객터미널
일반구역 면세구역
5F 인천공항 홍보전망대
4F 전문식당가, 항공사 사무실 라운지, 환승호텔, 환승편의시설, 면세품인도장, 푸드코트, 편의점
3F 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 택배, 편의점, 서점, 약국

출발층(출국장)탑승230-270 Gate

면세점, 환전소, 부가세환급, 로밍, 보험, 서점, 약국
2F 정부종합행정센터, 상주기관 사무실
1F 택시, 인천시내버스, 환전소, 로밍, 포켓와이파이, 편의점, 꽃집


면세점, 환전소
B1 버스터미널, 철도대합실, 단기주차장, 렌터카, 푸드코트, 편의점, 캡슐호텔 전문식당가, 환전소, 약국, 헬스앤뷰티

Moving between terminals Method

You can use the free shuttle bus to get to the terminal quickly.

※ You may utilize the Airport Railroad to transfer between Terminals. (Time: 6 min, Fee: 900 KRW)

제1여객터미널에서 제2여객터미널 가는 방법
제1여객터미널승차장은 3층 중앙 8번 출구이며 배차간격은 약 10분, 운행시간은 05시~23시입니다. 제2여객터미널까지의 이동거리는 15km이고, 이동시간은 약 15분소요됩니다.
제2여객터미널에서 제1여객터미널 가는 방법
제2여객터미널승차장은 3층 중앙 4,5번 출구 사이이며 배차간격은 약 10분, 운행시간은 05시~23시입니다. 제1여객터미널까지의 이동거리는 18km이고, 이동시간은 약 18분소요됩니다.
제1여객터미널과 제2여객터미널에서 탑승동으로 가는 방법
제1여객터미널과 제2여객터미널의 셔틀트레인을 타고 탑승동으로 이동합니다.

Transit Tour

Incheon Airport

환승투어 COURSE 안내 상세

K-Culture Zone

  • K-Culture Zone 한복 입어보기 사진

    Hanbok experience, Hangeul craft (Airport tour) 30 min Free

    Hanbok wearing experience, Hangeul craft (bracelet, scroll, mother-of-pearl, tuho, etc.)
    Terminal 1,2 (4F East Transfer Lounge) 09:00~16:30

    K-Culture Zone   You can directly experience Korean culture without leaving the airport at K-Culture Zone.

    Hanbok Experience   At K-Culture Zone, you can wear hanbok (traditional Korean costume) to become a king, queen, or scholar of the Joseon dynasty.

    Hangeul Craft   At K-Culture Zone, you can learn Hangeul, Korea's unique writing system, and write your Korean name as well as craft your own souvenirs, such as bracelets and scrolls.

Past and Present

  • 청와대 전경 사진

    Cheongwadae, Tongin Market 5 hr Free

    Incheon Airport → Cheongwadae → Tongin Market → Incheon Airport
    Terminal 1,2 08:00~13:00 (Mon)

    Cheongwadae   Cheongwadae served as the official residence and office of the president of the Republic of Korea. It has been open to the public as a museum for art and history exhibitions of May 10, 2022.

    Tongin Market   Tongin Market was established in 1941 as a marketplace for delicious food and fresh ingredients. Visitors can stop by various stores along the long stretch of alleyway and shop using old currency coins.


  • 경복궁 전경 사진

    Gyeongbokgung Palace, Insa-dong 5 hr $3

    Incheon Airport → Gyeongbokgung Palace ($3) → Insa-dong → Incheon Airport

    Gyeongbokgung Palace is closed every Tuesday and is replaced with Changdeokgung Palace.

    Terminal 1,2 08:00~13:00 (Tue~Sun)

    Gyeongbokgung Palace   Gyeongbokgung Palace, constructed in 1395 (25 years before China's Imperial Palace), is the first palace of the Joseon dynasty, and it was restored in 1867 during King Gojong's reign after it was burnt down during the Japanese invasion of Korea.

    Insa-dong   Insa-dong is a neighborhood filled with old yet invaluable items, and its alleyways are intertwined centered around the main road like a maze. Within the alleyways, there are many galleries, traditional crafts shops, ancient art stores, traditional tea houses, cafes, and more.

Peaceful Korea

  • 임진각평화누리 사진

    Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri Park, Dokgae Bridge 5 hr $4

    Incheon Airport → Odusan Unification Tower($2) → Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri Park → Dokgae Bridge($2) → Incheon Airport
    Terminal 1,2 09:00~14:00 (Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun)

    Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri Park   Imjingak is an important place in Korean history. Imjingak Park was created in 1972 to comfort those who were not able to return to their homeland following the division of Korea.

    Dokgae Bridge    The Dokgae Bridge was the only bridge that connected the north and south prior to the Korean War. The bridge is currently broken due to a bomb that was dropped during the Korean War.


  • DMZ 조형물 사진

    The Third Tunnel, Dora Observatory 5 hr $4

    Incheon Airport → The Third Tunnel(4$) → Dora Observatory → Incheon Airport
    Terminal 1, 2 09:00~14:00 (Tue)

    The Third Tunnel   The Third Tunnel truly reveals the reality of a divided country. It is often called the Seoul Tunnel due to its proximity to Seoul. As a cave dug by North Korea to invade South Korea, it is 2 m wide, 2 m tall, and 1,635 m long, which can transport up to 30,000 soldiers every hour. If you walk through the tunnel, you can enter the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) just 170 m away from the Military Demarcation Line (MDL).

    Dora Observatory   Dora Observatory is situated within the DMZ, and guards the northernmost post of the western front. Located 1.5 km from the MDL, you can see the lives of North Koreans as well as the statue of Kim Il-sung as well as Kijong-dong and the outskirts of Gaeseong.


  • 현대모터스튜디오 사진

    Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang, Yeongjongdaegyo Observatory 5 hr $5

    Incheon Airport → Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang ($5) → Yeongjongdaegyo Observatory → Incheon Airport
    Terminal 1,2 09:00~14:00 (Thu)

    Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang   Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang is the largest automobile theme park in Korea, offering a new journey to experience the mobility. Visitors can see, hear and touch to experience how cars are manufactured and how the mobility develops in the future. If you're a car lover, you will love this tour!

    Yeongjongdaegyo Observatory   The Yeongjongdaegyo Observatory, home to the fortune bear, boasts endless mudflats with skies where planes take-off and land.


  • 전등사 전경 사진

    Jeondeungsa Temple 5 hr $2

    Incheon Airport → Jeondeungsa Temple($2) → Incheon Airport
    Terminal 1,2 09:00~14:00 (Mon)

    Jeondeungsa Temple   Jeondeungsa Temple was lost to two series of fire after its establishment in 382, and it was reconstructed in 1625 during the third year of King Injo's reign. It gained st ate protection by the Joseon royal family as it started to store The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty from 1678, the fourth year of King Sukjong's reign. There are two ginkgo trees that are over 600 years old within the temple premises.


  • 홍대거리 사진

    Hongdae Street 4 hr Free

    Incheon Airport → Hongdae Street → Incheon Airport
    Terminal 1,2 14:00~18:00

    Hongdae Street  Hongdae Street is Korea's foremost youth street with countless cafes, clubs, graffiti, fashion streets, underground music, and art festivals.


  • 신포시장 사진

    Hanji Experience Workshop, Sinpo Market 3 hr $0~$20

    Incheon Airport → Sinpo Market → Hanji Experience Workshop ($5, On-site payment only for those who wish) → Incheon Airport
    Terminal 1 15:00~18:00 (Tue~Sun)

    Sinpo Market   Sinpo Market was created as it started to sell food to the surrounding settlers during the late 19th century. Recently, its sweet and sour fried chicken with spicy sauce has become a specialty.

    Hanji Experience Workshop   Hanji Experience Workshop allows visitors to make their own traditional Korean hanji.


  • 현대 프리미엄아울렛 사진.

    Hyundai Premium Outlet, Triple Street 3 hr Free

    Incheon Airport → Incheondaegyo Bridge → Hyundai Premium Outlet → Triple Street → Incheon Airport
    Terminal 1 15:00~18:00 (Mon)

    Hyundai Premium Outlet & Triple Street   Hyundai Premium Outlet features a wide array of luxury and trendy brands, and Triple Street is a booming shopping street with many things to see, eat, and enjoy along with cultural facilities.


  • 용궁사 전경 사진

    Yonggungsa Temple 1 hr Free

    Incheon Airport → Yonggungsa Temple → Incheon Airport
    Terminal 2 08:00~09:00

    Temple   It is said to be a temple constructed by the Buddhist priest Wonhyo Daesa during the Silla dynasty, and was the temporary residence of Heungseon Daewongun for ten years before King Gojong's coronation. After it was reestablished by Heungseon Daewongun following King Gojong's coronation, it was renamed to Yonggungsa shown by the plaque written by Heungseon Daewongun himself.


  • 파라다이스 호텔 사진

    Paradise City Art-tainment 1 hr Free

    Incheon Airport → Paradise City Art-tainment → Incheon Airport

    Terminal 1 1F 3C every 05, 35 minute

    Terminal 1 1F 14C every 10, 40 minute분

    Terminal 2 1F 2A every 45 minute

    Paradise City   Paradise City is the first resort complex in northeast Asia that provides enjoyment and cultural experiences such as convenient accommodation, casinos, art gallery, clubs, and more. There is also an art gallery that exhibits more than 2,700 works by famous artists from across the globe, such as Yayoi Kusama and Damien Hirst.


  • 예단포 둘레길 사진

    Yedanpo Trail, Haneul Garden 2 hr Free

    Incheon Airport → Yedanpo Trail → Haneul Garden → Incheon Airport

    Scheduled to operate in the second half

    Yedanpo Trail   Yedanpo Trail, located near Incheon Airport, is a great place to walk and enjoy the fresh air due to its well-preserved nature.

    Haneul Garden   Haneul Garden is a place where you can enjoy both the beautiful sky and the vast flower garden. Seasonal flowers will bloom beneath you while airplanes cross the blue skies.


  • 송도 센트럴파크 사진

    Songdo Central Park, Tri-bowl 2 hr Water Taxi $4

    Incheon Airport → Songdo Central Park(Water Taxi ($4)) → Tri-bowl → Incheon Airport

    Scheduled to operate in the second half

    Songdo Central Park  Songdo Central Park is the first-ever park to use seawater. Visitors can not only enjoy a comfortable walk in the park, but also experience water taxi rides, canoeing, moonboats, and more.

    Tri-bowl  Tri-bowl is one of Songdo Central Park's landmarks which has a unique flat ceiling and a round floor.

Cave Theme Park

  • 광명동굴 사진

    Gwangmyeong Cave 4 hr Free

    Incheon Airport → Gwangmyeong Cave → Incheon Airport

    Gwangmyeong Cage is closed every Monday and may be replaced with a different course.


    Scheduled to operate in the second half

    Gwangmyeong Cave (formerly Siheung Mine)   Gwangmyeong Cave was constructed starting in 1912 with the purpose of resource exploitation by the Japanese. It was used as a warehouse for salted shrimp for 40 years since it was closed in 1972. It became Korea's greatest cave theme park in 2011 after the city of Gwangmyeong transformed it into a historical and cultural tourist spot attracting 1.4 million annual visitors.

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