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Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

Overview of MRO

The term MRO is an acronym that stands for maintenance, repair, and overhaul. An MRO is an aircraft facility capable of performing required maintenance, repairs, and overhauls on necessary devices, equipment, machinery, and infrastructure, which is essential to maintain the safety and reliability of aircrafts to promote safe operation while improving aircraft performance.

Scope of MRO
항공MRO 사업 범위
Category Line maintenance Aircraft maintenance Part maintenance Engine maintenance Alterations
Skill intensity Low Medium Medium-high High High
Maintenance details Pre & post- flight checks A check Every 1–3 months (300–1,000 h)

C check Every 1.5–3 years (4,000–8,000 h)

D check Every 6–8 years (24,000–40,000 h)
Test (inspection)


Replace parts

Repair parts
Real-time engine condition monitoring

Maintenance of poor
engines according to
monitoring result

(overhaul cycle) Every 3–8 years
Extension of lifespan for aging aircrafts (overhaul)

Altering passenger airliner into air cargo carrier (improvements and repurposing)
Cost Labor 85% 70% 40% 20% 40%
Materials 15% 30% 60% 80% 60%
Global MRO market
  • Expected to grow at an average annual rate of 4.9% from $78.6 bn (~₩102 tr) in 2022 to $126.6 bn (~₩165 tr) by 2032
  • Accounts for 30.7% of the global market at $24.1 bn (~₩31 tr) in 2022 and expected to account for 37.4% at $47.4 bn (~₩62 tr) by 2032 (#1 in the world)
  • Domestic private MRO market size (2017–2019 average) stands at ₩2.5 tr per annum, and overseas outsourcing accounts for 50% of the total volume (₩1.3 tr per annum)
Incheon Airport MRO Complex
MRO Cluster 1,240,000m2 부지 안내이미지
Domestic Airline MRO Complex

In operation (Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Sharp Technics K)

Cargo Airline MRO Complex

Development in progress

HighTech Aviation Complex

Phase 1 under development

- Phased development plan

첨단복합항공단지 단계별 개발계획
Classification Area
Phase 1 622,000 m2
Phase 2 924,000 m2
Phase 3 800,000 m2
Total 2,346,000 m2
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  • Managing department : Aviation Facilities Development Team
  • Telephone : +82-32-741-2261, 2262