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Overseas Projects/Training

Overseas Business

Project background
  • Air service demand is constantly increasing all over the world, and there is growth in the market for modernization of existing airports and constructing new airports
  • Export Incheon Airport’s experience and expertise as a seasoned airport construction and management business to motivate further growth in the sector and raise global leaders in the aviation field
  • ’07 Created Business Overseas Team
  • ’09 Obtained first consultation project for Iraq Arbil New Airport
  • 30 international business expansions in 15 countries thus far (USD 226.64 million)
해외사업 추진현황 안내 표
Iraq Arbil Management Consultation(2009~2014)
Dohuk CM Consultation(2013~2016)
Turkey Istanbul New Airport Management Consultation(2015~2021)
Russia Khabarovsk Novy Airport Master Plan (2009~2011)
Khabarovsk investment (2011~2017)
Send airport export to Khabarovsk(2011~2013)
Uzbekistan Tashkent Terminal Construction feasibility study(2016)
Improvement of operation and establishment of development strategy for Tashkent Airport, Uzbekistan(2017~2018)
Iran Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (2017)
Bangladesh Shared new airport development experiences(2012~2013)
Cambodia Siem Reap New Airport ICT advising (2010~2011)
Indonesia Dispatch of experts to Jakarta Airport (2012)
Operation support to Surabaya Airport (2012~2015)
Jakarta Airport PMC (2013~2015)
Founded Surabaya T3 MP (2014~2015)
Operation support to Jakarta Airport T3 (2015~2017)
Consulting and training services for 13 airports of Indonesia's PT Angkasa Pura 1 (2018~2020)
Operational development of Hang Nadim Airport (BTH) in Indonesia (2022~2047)
India Delhi Airport ACI APEX program Dispatch of experts (2011)
Nepal Nepal New Airport feasibility study(2010~2011)
Philippines Founded Mactan–Cebu International Airport MP (2010~2011)
Dispatch of experts to the Department of Transportation, Philippines (2010~2012)
Manila T3 technique Consultation(2012~2015)
Philippines National Airport Master Plan (2013~2015)
Palawan Airport construction management(2012~2018)
Mactan–Cebu International Airport technique Consultation(2015~2020)
Paraguay Founded national aviation development MP(2015~2017)
Dominican Republic Airport Immigration in Dominica (2015~2016)
Kuwait Consignment operation of Kuwait Airport T4 (2018~2023)
Poland New Central Polish Airport Strategic Advisor Project (2021-2024)
Range of projects
  • Large 3 categories of business: airport planning and construction, airport management support and consultation, investment
  • Customized support to fit each airport’s character
Airport planning and construction
  • Feasibility Study(F/S)
  • Establish master plan
  • Blueprint consulting
  • VE(Value Engineering)
  • Construction Management (CM)
  • ORAT(Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer)
Airport management Consultation
  • Establish vision and management strategy
  • Customer service management
  • Airline opening and marketing
  • Commercial Facility theme strategy
  • Air safety and security
  • Transit area and airside management
  • Share investment
  • PPP business
  • BOT, BTO business
  • Airport consignment management business
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Direct any questions regarding information on the website to:
  • Managing department : Business Overseas Team 1
  • Telephone : +082-32-741-2185, 2186