Automated Immigration

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Automated Immigration

Automated Immigration
Eligible Users and Instruction citizens age 19 or older No prior registration necessary

Exception: citizens who change their name or personal identifying information or received their Residence Certificate more than 30 years go must register prior to use.

Citizens between age 7-18 Use after prior registration

Exception: minors age 7 – under age 14 must be accompanied by legal guardian and present family verification document

Registered alien over age 17 No prior registration necessary

Automated Immigration registration center

Terminal 1

제1 여객터미널 자동출입국심사 등록센터 안내표
Operating Hours 07:00-19:00 (year round)
Contact 032-740-7400
Location Floor 3, across from Check-in Counter Area H (next to Departure Area 4)

Terminal 2

제2 여객터미널 자동출입국심사 등록센터 안내표
Operating Hours 07:00-19:00 (year round)
Contact 032-740-7367
Location Passenger Terminal 2 public accesible area Floor 2 Comprehensive Government Administration Center Entry and Exit Management Center

Terminal 1

제 1여객터미널  자동출입국심사 등록센터 지도 이미지

Terminal 2

제 2여객터미널  자동출입국심사 등록센터 지도 이미지

Automated Immigration instructions

Please contact the Immigration Bureau for information on visas for foreigners. Immigration, Foreign Policy Headquarters

  1. 자동출입국심사 이용절차 관련 이미지
    step 01
    Enter when arrow is green
  2. 자동출입국심사 이용절차 관련 이미지
    step 02
    Hold the passport photo page to the scanner for 2-3 seconds
  3. 자동출입국심사 이용절차 관련 이미지
    step 03
    Enter when doors open
  4. 자동출입국심사 이용절차 관련 이미지
    step 04
    Scan fingerprints
  5. 자동출입국심사 이용절차 관련 이미지
    step 05
    Stare at the camera head-on

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