Incheon Airport Museum

Incheon Airport Museum

Incheon Airport Museum 1번 Incheon Airport Museum
Incheon Airport Museum 2번
Operating hours
09:00 ~ 18:00
Near Gate 122 (West), Duty-free Zone (3F) - Concourse
Incheon Airport Museum is an exhibition space that showcases genuine Korean artifacts and contemporary artworks in collaboration with domestic institutions, such as the National Museum of Korea.

※ Masterpieces of the Baekje Kingdom: Tiles with Patterned Designs
Eight patterned tiles that have been described as the “world’s most beautiful decorative tiles,” were recovered from a historic site in Oe-ri, Gyuam-myeon in the county of Buyeo in Chungcheongnam-do Province. The simple yet balanced compositions in their designs of landscapes, lotus flowers, clouds, and mythical birds (Phoenix) embody the unique aesthetic of gentility characteristic of the Baekje Kingdom. The Museum of Incheon International Airport, South Korea’s gateway to the world, invites you to journey to the ideal world imagined by the people of Baekje while appreciating these patterned tiles produced some 1,400 years ago at the peak of Baekje culture.

※ Incheon Airport Museum Collection : Transition : Korean Furniture
Korean traditional wooden furniture is not only simple and neat in nature and appearance, but also hints at traditional techniques and ways of living. The materials used highlight the natural beauty and texture of the wood, the structure is concise and true to its purpose, and the beautifully proportioned lines and planes perfectly match the simple, understated, modern designs. However, as living styles changed over time, the modest charm of traditional wooden furniture became obsolete and hard to find in modern-day living spaces. The result was a wide gap between Korean traditional and modern furniture.
Incheon Airport Museum's exhibition, Transition: Korean Furniture, explores ways to connect the past and present of Korean furniture. While enjoying the beauty of wooden furniture from the late 18th-century Joseon period and furniture designed and produced by Studio Shinyoo, viewers can attempt to find the point where traditional and modern aesthetics overlap.

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