Incheon Airport Museum

Incheon Airport Museum

Incheon Airport Museum 1번 Incheon Airport Museum
Incheon Airport Museum 2번
Operating hours
09:00 ~ 18:00
* Hours are subject to change depending on airport circumstances.
Near Gate 122 (West), Duty-free Zone (3F) - Concourse
Incheon Airport Museum is an exhibition space that showcases genuine Korean artifacts and contemporary artworks in collaboration with domestic institutions, such as the National Museum of Korea.
- “Hanbok, Korean Traditional Dress”: This exhibition shows the beauty of hanbok, Korean traditional dress, displaying items from the collections of the National Museum of Korea and the Daegu National Museum.
- “Books & Things”: This exhibition lets visitors enjoy Joseon-era artworks, including paintings of bookshelves on folding screens and about 30 derivative works by 6 contemporary artists.

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