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인천국제공항 로고 (인천국제공항 개항 20주년)


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  Incheon airport guide Moving between terminals

Incheon airport guide

Terminal 1
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제1여객터미널 안내도 – 장기주차장, 단기주차장, 출국장, 면세구역으로 이루어져 있으며 탑승동까지 IAT 5분 소요됩니다.(아시아나, 제주에어, 진에어, 티웨이, 이스타, 에어서울, 기타외국항공사 배치)
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제1여객터미널 안내표 : 제1교통센터, 제1여객터미널로 구성
제1교통센터 제1여객터미널
일반구역 면세구역 탑승동
4F 전문식당가 라운지, 환승호텔, 환승편의시설, 면세품인도장, 푸드코트, 편의점 항공사라운지
3F 환전소, 택스리펀드, 로밍, 보험, 택배, 편의점

출발층(출국장)1-50 Gate

면세점, 환전소, 택스리펀드, 로밍 탑승101-132 Gate
2F 항공사사무실
1F 택시, 인천시내버스, 환전소, 로밍, 포켓와이파이, 도착층 입국장
B1 버스터미널, 철도대합실, 단기주차장, 렌터카, 푸드코트, 편의점, 캡슐호텔 전문식당가, 환전소, 약국, 헬스앤뷰티
Terminal 2
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제2여객터미널 안내도 – 장기주차장, 단기주차장, 출국장, 면세구역으로 이루어져 있습니다. (대한항공, 델타항공, 에어프랑스, KLM네덜란드항공, 아에로멕시코, 알리탈리아, 중화항공, 가루다인도네시아, 샤먼항공, 체코항공, 아에로플로트 배치)
인천공항 한 눈에 보기 제2여객터미널 안내표 : 제2교통센터, 제2여객터미널로 구성
제2교통센터 제2여객터미널
일반구역 면세구역
5F 홍보관
4F 전문식당가, 항공사 사무실 라운지, 환승호텔, 환승편의시설, 면세품인도장, 푸드코트, 편의점
3F 환전소, 택스리펀드, 로밍, 보험, 택배, 편의점, 서점, 약국

출발층(출국장)230-270 Gate

면세점, 환전소, 택스리펀드, 로밍, 보험, 서점, 약국
2F 정부종합행정센터, 상주기관 사무실
1F 택시, 인천시내버스, 환전소, 로밍, 포켓와이파이, 택배, 편의점, 꽃집, 도착층 입국장 환전소
B1 버스터미널, 철도대합실, 단기주차장, 렌터카, 푸드코트, 편의점, 캡슐호텔 전문식당가, 환전소, 약국, 헬스앤뷰티

Moving between terminals Method

You can use the free shuttle bus to get to the terminal quickly.

※ You may utilize the Airport Railroad to transfer between Terminals. (Time: 6 min, Fee: 900 KRW)

제1 여객터미널에서 제2여객터미널 가는 방법
제1여객터미널승차장은 3층 중앙 8번 출구이며 배차간격은 5분입니다. 제2여객터미널까지의 이동거리는 15km이고, 이동시간은 약 15분소요됩니다.
제2 여객터미널에서 제1여객터미널 가는 방법
제2여객터미널승차장은 3층 중앙 4,5번 출구 사이 이며 배차간격은 5분입니다. 제1여객터미널까지의 이동거리는 18km이고, 이동시간은 약 18분소요됩니다.
제1 여객터미널 과 제2 여객터미널 에서 탑승동으로 가는 방법
제1 여객터미널 과 제2 여객터미널의 셔틀트레인을 타고 탑승동으로 이동합니다.

COVID-19 Free Airport

Here you can find information on Incheon Airport's travel safety.

COVID-19 Free Airport,
Travel safely with Incheon Airport

□ West side parking lot, B1, Passenger Terminal 2 (in front of the security pass office)
인천공항 COVID-19 검사센터 위치는 제2여객터미널 지하 1층 지하 1층 서편 '출입증 발급센터' 부근입니다

□ COVID-19 testing center at Incheon Airport offers COVID-19 testing and issuance of health certificate (confirmation for negative result) for outbound passengers.

□ Operating hours
     - Weekday: 07:00∼18:00, weekend: 09:00∼18:00
     * Lunch time: 12:00~13:00

□ It operates 365 days a year.

□ It is possible from 6:00 pm on the 10th of this month.
     - (Ex) It is possible to make a reservation for August from 6:00 pm on the 10th of July.

□ Available time is activated only when you click 'search' button after selecting date.

□ Incheon Airport and Incheon Airport COVID-19 Testing Center cannot provide a detailed information on the validity period of each COVID-19 negative confirmation. Please ask each country's embassy to Korea and your airliner.

□ The constraints for entry into a country change from time to time and some restrictions are imposed without sufficient notice period. The information provided by COVID-19 testing center at Incheon airport is for the purpose of providing the least information and does not guarantee the passenger's entry into a certain country.

□ If you want rapid PCR(RT-LAMP PCR) test, select PCR test first and proceed reservation process.
     - You need to select specific test type on site.

□ To get the antigen/antibody test result on the same day, reservation for that test is not possible for a certain time. Please check the time for closing the reservation for antigen/antibody test.

□ Closing time for reservation by testing type

검사 종류별 접수마감 시간 안내
Testing type Closing time for reservation
RT-PCR·RT-LAMP PCR (Morning) 11:45, (Afternoon) 17:30
Antigen, antibody (Morning) 11:00, (Afternoon) 16:30
Issuance of negative confirmation 18:00

□ You can make a reservation by checking the medical institutions and designated hospitals where you can take a test.
     - Information on medical institutions which provide COVID-19 testing.

□ No. When you fill out the 'health certificate issuance application form' on site, you can change your information such as testing type, departure date, and passport number.

□ Everyone should make its own reservation.
   However, reservation for up to 4 people can be made together only for infants, children and the elderly.

□ You can make a reservation after signing in the airport website (COVID-19 testing center).
     - Koreans living abroad or forefingers who do not have mobile phones available in Korea for the purpose of identity verification can make a reservation through website in foreign languages.
     - The elderly aged 65 or more or people with disability who have difficulties in making a reservation on the internet can make a reservation via phone call.
     - URL: (Korean) www.airport.kr/covid19/testingcenter
                (English) www.airport.kr/covid19/testingcenter/eng
                (Chinese) www.airport.kr/covid19/testingcenter/chi
                (Japan) www.airport.kr/covid19/testingcenter/jpn

□ On-site registration is not possible as testing is conducted based on reservation.

□ The same-day reservation is not possible.
Reservation should be made at least by 6:00 pm on the previous day of COVID-19 testing.

□ You cannot make more than 1 reservation. If you want to change the reservation date, you need to go through reservation process again after cancelling the existing reservation.
    - Reservation can be cancelled only via airport website and cancellation is not possible via phone call.

□ Yes. It is possible.
However, for identity verification, please prepare the copy of ID card of the person who makes a reservation and screenshot of reservation confirmation text message.

□ We offer four types of test: RT-PCR(gene amplification), RT-LAMP PCR(rapid gene amplification), antigen and antibody

□ Please bring your passport.
     - Please bring your passport. Registration is not possible without passport.

□ Test expense (including examination fee, negative confirmation certificate issuance fee)

검사 비용 안내
Classification Expenses (KRW)
PCR testing Antigen, antibody testing
Weekday Weekend Weekday Weekend
Locals 126,000 130,000 66,000 70,000
Foreigners 174,000 180,000 84,000 90,000

□ No problem.
     - Even after vaccination, PCR is intended to determine whether you are infected with COVID-19 or not. If you are not infected, negative result will come out.
     - However, if antibody is formed after vaccination, you may get positive result in antibody test. If you are going to China, you need to get PCR test, meaning that is no problem with departure.

□ RT-PCR is a gene amplification test, that is commonly used in many countries. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to get the result.

□ RT-LAMP PCR is one of the rapid PCR test methods. It is a test method accepted by about 10 countries. It takes about 1 to 2 hours to get the results.
     - RT-LAMP PCR test is taken for countries which accept this kind of test. Please check the information in advance.

□ PCR test: A smear is taken from nasopharynx (the part of the neck behind the nose) and the oropharynx (inside the throat) and COVID-19 infection is determined through gene amplification.

□ Antigen test: COVID-19 antigen is confirmed through the nasopharyngeal smear.

□ Antibody test: COVID-19 antibody is confirmed by testing blood sample (venous blood sample).

□ Countries which implement entry restrictions for overseas travelers
     - URL: https://www.0404.go.kr/dev/newest_list.mofa

□ Incheon Airport and Incheon Airport COVID-19 testing center cannot provide a specific information on COVID-19 testing requirement. Please check that information with foreign embassies to Korea or your airliner.
     - RT-LAMP PCR test, antigen, antibody tests are taken for countries which accept this kind of test. Please check the information in advance.

□ If you are confirmed positive, medical clinic or testing center will contact you separately. Your cooperation is necessary.
     - After the test, try to minimize the visit to multi-use facilities before getting results and follow the COVID-19 quarantine rules such as wearing a mask.

□ If your result is 'retest required' please take the test again at local medical center or local public health center after going back home.

□ The text message on whether your testing is completed or not is sent to your mobile phone. If you do not have a mobile phone, please receive the negative confirmation by visiting the testing center after the time when your result is available.

□ Time when you can check the result
     - For specific time, please check the website of the testing center.

결과 확인 가능 시간
Testing method Test time When can you check the result
RT-PCR test Morning Afternoon on the same day
Afternoon After 9:00 on the next day
RT-LAMP PCR test Before 15:00 Afternoon on the same day
After 15:00 After 9:00 on the next day
Antigen, antibody test Weekday: 7:00 ∼ 16:30 1 hour after testing
Weekend: 9:00 ∼ 16:30

□ You can receive the certificate at the antibody testing room and registration office after getting test result via text message.

□ Please bring your passport for the issuance of medical certificate.

□ If you have 『Incheon Airport Quarantine Information』application installed on your mobile device, you can receive it at a kiosk.
     - Issuance at kiosk is possible only when you install the application before getting test results.

□ Kiosk
     - Location: Passenger Terminal 1, 3F, G counter area, Passenger Terminal 2 3F, C counter area
     - Operating hours: from 9:00 to 18:00, 24/7
     - Caution: Upon issuance at kiosk, please check the detailed information such as passport number and English name.

□ If your destination is countries that require a certain format such as China and Japan, we issue the certificate in the relevant format. Therefore, you don't need to prepare a separate format.

□ Other documents issued by the testing center will be in English.

□ Yes. It is possible.
     If you want to receive the certificate by proxy, please bring a power of attorney, a copy of delegator's ID and representative's ID.

□ It is not possible.

□ If you want the re-issuance of the negative certificate in Korean issued by external institution (other screening center) in the form of certificate in English, please visit 'Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal 1 Airport Medical Center' with your passport and negative certificate in Korean.
     - If you bring a copy of negative certificate, it is not possible to issue a negative certificate in English.
     - Location of the Airport Medical Center: B1, Passenger Terminal 1 (Contact number: +82 32-743-3119)

□ Negative certificate issuance service is available from 9:00 am every morning. Due to the time required for getting results on previous day samples, it is not possible to issue the certificate from 7:00 am.

□ In some cases, the center may not be connected if there are too many receiving phone calls. We ask your understanding as the testing center is making its best to respond to inquires.

□ Testing center contact number: +82 32-741-9000

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