Airport Railroad

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Station location

Terminal 1

제1 여객터미널 공항철도 타는 곳 안내

Terminal 2

제2 여객터미널 공항철도 타는 곳 안내


  1. Incheon International Airport Terminal 2
  2. Incheon International Airport Terminal 1
  3. Incheon International Airport Cargo Terminal
  4. Woonseo
  5. Youngjong
  6. Cheongna International City
  7. Geomam (Incheon Line 2)
  8. Keyang (Incheon Line 1)
  9. Gimpo Airport
  10. Magongnaru
  11. Digital Media City
  12. Hongdae
  13. Gongdeok
  14. Seoul Station (KTX,Line1,Line4)

Related information

  • Contact number : Airport Railroad (1599-7788)
  • Managing department : Transportation Operation Team
Airport Railroad

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