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Lease & Tenant Support

Business Facility Lease

Agreement termination procedure
  • Submit a request for agreement termination(Lessee→IIAC)
  • Notify the date of agreement termination(IIAC→Lessee)
  • Request to confirm restoration(Lessee→IIAC)
  • Confirm restoration(IIAC)
  • Calculate any unpaid amount and charge additional payment(IIAC→Lessee)
  • Make additional payment(Lessee)
  • Return security deposit(IIAC→Lessee)
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Procedure Details Contact
Submit a request for agreement termination
  • To terminate or change the agreement before the expiration of agreement, submit an agreement termination request (letter of intent to return) to IIAC at least 1 month before the desired termination date
  • ※ Agreement Termination Request Form (Terminal, Concourse, Transportation Center) Download
  • ※ Agreement Termination Request Form (annex buildings) Download
  • To terminate the agreement, submit the account to receive security deposit and a copy of the business registration certificate
  • Terminal, Concourse, Transportation Center
    : Terminal Operations & Planning Team(+82-32-741-2402, 2403)
  • Annex buildings
    : Revenue Management Team(+82-32-741-2323, 2372)
Request to confirm restoration
  • Request to confirm restoration
  • Terminal, Concourse, Transportation Center, annex buildings
    : Tenant Support Team(+82-32-741-3301, 3302)
  • Business Support Center, Cargo Terminal C, etc.
    : Logistics Operations Team(+82-32-741-2288)