Incheon International Airport Corporation



An airport that becomes one with nature


An airport that breathes with nature

Terminal 2 will be an eco-friendly airport facility that breathes with nature and an architectural structure that lives and breathes in nature utilizing a variety of plants to maintain freshness of indoor spaces.
Also, the airport will maximize the production of new renewable energy in various ways including fuel cell in order to be reborn as the most environmentally-friendly airport in the world.

  • Airport that becomes one with nature

    A structure immersed in nature using various plants

  • Eco-friendly space recognized by the world

    Acquisition of Carbon Trust Standard (CTS)

    Airport Carbon Accreditation (Level 3) by Airport Council International (ACI)

    Acquisition of the highest-level Green Building Certification ((Green 1) grade)

  • Renewable Energy (Green New-deal 3020)

    24% of Building's energy will be supplied as renewable energy
    - Electricity cost saving of 2mil USD.
    - CO2 reduction(12,000tons)

    Energy Type
    - Solar Energy(21.8GWh, 63%)
    - Fuel Cell(10.8GWh, 31%)
    - Geothermal Energy(2.1GWh, 6%)

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