Incheon International Airport Corporation



The following is an introduction of the SMART concept of Incheon International Airport's phase 4 construction.

Enhancement of existing facilities

  • Self check-in, self bag-drop Automation of boarding procedure

    Enhanced convenience in travel

    Higher efficiency in terminals

  • Speech recognition signage and information service Smart signage that incorporates the AI-based speech recognition technology

    Enhanced convenience in travel

    Securing of smart competitiveness

  • Bio-based Information (biology intelligence) Strengthened access identification using multi-factor authentication

    Less time taken for the entry procedure

    Strengthened security

New businesses

  • AI-based intelligent CCTV Monitoring and analysis with smart videos

    Searching and tracking of specific individuals such as lost children

    Enhanced efficiency of security tasks, prevention of fire

  • Massive LED screen at the departure hall Large screen displays WOW videos

    Memorable atmosphere of Terminal 2

    A Variety of storytelling contents

  • Flying objects Flying objects with free performances

    Experience cultural and artistic events

    A impressive and memorable space

SMART Photo Gallery

  • Incheon Airport Robot 1 / 4
  • SMART 2 / 4
  • Automatic immigration review 3 / 4
  • Automatic immigration review 4 / 4