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About Us

General Status

Purpose of Establishment and Major Business

Major Businesses
Current business areas
  • Construction, management and operation of Incheon International Airport
  • Development of surrounding areas, subsidiary projects and other commissioned projects by the government
  • Research and survey on airport construction and management/operation
Future business areas
  • Business area based on the construction and operation of Incheon International Airport
  • Infrastructure construction related to development of surrounding areas and related business
  • Construction, management and operation of international airports and development of their surrounding areas
Core activities by business
공항건설분야 이미지
Airport construction
  • Establishment of complex process facilities covering all technical fields from civil engineering to architecture, electricity, electronics and communication, etc.
  • Construction process from site establishment to design, construction, supervision, etc.

    Phase 1 construction project commenced in 1992 and completed in 2001

    Phase 2 construction project commenced in 2002 and completed in 2008

    Phase 3 construction project commenced in 2009 and completed in 2017

  • Establish infrastructure related to development of surrounding area and related businesses
공항운영분야 이미지
Airport operation
  • Handling of passenger and freight transportation demands
  • Maintenance of airport facilities
  • Provision of various incidental services to airport users and the sales activities that ensue
Direct any questions regarding information on the website to:
  • Managing department : Management Strategy Team
  • Telephone : +082-32-741-2161, 2162