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Incheon Airport is making a new leap forward
into the future as the global leading airport!

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Bon-Hwan KOO,
President & CEO
Incheon International Airport Corporation

Welcome to Incheon International Airport Corporation.

Since its opening in 2001, Incheon International Airport has demonstrated first-rate service and operational expertise in catering to passengers. Based on a sense of duty and pride as the national gateway to the Republic of Korea, Incheon International Airport rewrote the standard for world airport service and grew into an airport loved by the world.

We recorded 68M passengers and 2.9M tons of cargo last year with the successful opening of Terminal 2, which served as a stepping stone for maturing into one of the top 5 airports in the world in terms of international passengers. Furthermore, we began our first step toward becoming a corporation with global airport expertise by winning the contract for Kuwait Airport Terminal Operation.

However, Incheon International Airport will not rest on its past achievements, and will leap forward to becoming a global airport economic zone that generates new values. Around the role as a Northeast Asian hub airport, cutting-edge ICT, MICE, MRO as well as international logistics industry will merge to serve as a platform for global economic activity, stimulating new growth. As we are rediscovered as the most dynamic and creative industry ecosystem drawing world’s top businesses and talent, we will also become a cradle for good employment opportunities.

In the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution era, Incheon International Airport will take the lead in developing a cutting-edge smart airport that provides the fastest, safest and the most convenient service. We will cut down times spent in immigration and security-check queues, and strive for advancing technologies and facility investment for the most comfortable and pleasant experience at all moments spent in our airport. We will be the first to realize a truly innovative smart airport through the 4th phase construction project that will expand capacity to 100M passengers by 2023.

The whole-hearted support and encouragement of our people and the regional community were the driving force for today’s success of Incheon International Airport. To give back, we will deem the well-being of our people and development of neighboring communities as top priority and be actively engaged in welfare projects, fostering talent and strengthening public infrastructure.

We will invest our highest efforts for moving forward, with the mindset that every step we take can become new history and milestone of the world aviation industry. I would like to ask for your kind interest and encouragement for the dedication of Incheon Airport in pioneering a new future.

Thank you.

April 2019