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2020 홍보브로셔 이미지

Leading The Future As A First Mover

Incheon Airport is shifting the paradigm of the global airport industry by continuing to take on new challenges and inspire innovations.
As the main gateway to Korea, Incheon Airport has surpassed being a hub airport in Northeast Asia as one of the top five global airports, and is now spreading its wings focused on global business.

2019 홍보브로셔 이미지

Becoming an unsurpassable airport.

Incheon Airport has advanced to become one of the world's top 5 airports.
Incheon Airport is leaping forward to become a global specialized airport group with a new vision of being the 'Leading Value Creator' of the global airport industry.

2018 홍보브로셔 이미지


Start Again
With the grand opening of the 2nd passenger terminal, Incheon International Airport faces a bigger and wider world.

2016 홍보브로셔 이미지

Global Leading Airport

All stereotypes and limitations of the world exist to be overcome. Incheon International Airport will be here for you through challenges to make even the possibility of 1% real.

2014 홍보브로셔 이미지

A Story Begins...

This promotional brochure published in 2014 contains the story about the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of Incheon International Airport from its successful opening to operational performance ever since the opening, as well as the future direction of development.

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