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Creating Shared Value (CSV)

Incheon International Airport Corporation implements CSV (Creating Shared Value) through the creation of business values and social values in all business fields so as to seek sustainable growth. On this note, the Incheon International Airport Corporation reflects the concept of CSV when reviewing and selecting strategy tasks, develops strategic frameworks for identifying and working on the CSV projects mid- to long-term, and establishes CSV processes company-wide in line with our management strategies.

Main CSV Projects
인천공항 컬쳐포트 관련 공연모습
Incheon Airport Culture Port

Incheon International Airport Corporation implements the goal of an 'airport full of culture and art all year long' to become the Culture Port. Specifically, a wide range of cultural arts/performances and experience programs will be provided across the major movement routes of the airport users to provide them with an opportunity to experience fun, excitement and cultural activities. We make various efforts to promote the culture industry of Korea by not only disseminating the representative culture of Korea across the past and the present, but also providing places and opportunities for cultural artists.

인산학협력 현장실습 모습
University-Industry Field Practice Program

Incheon International Airport Corporation operates a university-industry field practice program to improve the operating efficiency of airport service during the peak season and congestion time. Students participating in this university-industry field practice program contribute to the maintenance of airport service standards during high season through passenger terminal guidance and airport smart service guidance. As a result, students are given a chance to get firsthand experience of aviation careers, and diversity in career choices while Incheon International Airport improves service standards by strengthening its ability to respond to the high season as our constant effort to create business and social values.

친환경 항공기 지상전원공급 장치(AC-GPS) 모습
Export of eco-friendly aircraft ground power supply (AC-GPS) and technology transfer project

Aircraft ground power supply (AC-GPS) is a key operating equipment of the airport operation that fine-tunes the voltage and frequency to supply the power required for the aircraft sitting on the apron. We used to rely on advanced technology from other countries in the past, but joint technology development between the Incheon International Airport Corporation and small/medium enterprises succeeded to localize and commercialize the technology. This not only generates economic values by reducing costs, but also reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions, contributing to creating social values. Incheon International Airport Corporation strives to venture into overseas markets for the Korean AC-GPS products in concert with the small and mid-size companies.

공항 내 상업시설 운영 모습
Operation of commercial facilities creating social jobs in the airport

Incheon International Airport Corporation aims to operate commercial facilities to create social jobs in the airport through agreements with related organizations. Specifically, we do our best to practice CSV by creating jobs for the elderly while providing services at reasonable prices.

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