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Stakeholder Participation

Incheon International Airport is a facility where more than 550 institutes and companies reside. Nothing could be more important than win-win relationships with our stakeholders for our future value. In this regard, Incheon International Airport Corporation classifies stakeholders into the five groups of customers, business partners, local communities, government, and executives and employees in consideration of the influence each has on management activities, the categories of activities, and frequency of contact, and operates communication channels according to the characteristics of each stakeholder group.

Incheon International Airport Corporation is committed to creating a culture of coexistence and mutuality beyond mutual benefit based on socially responsible management by listening to the needs of our stakeholders, and harmonizing each other's voices.

Various Interests in the Airport
Value conflict
Incheon International Airport Corporation
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Minimize cost
Prioritize cabin service
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Maximizing profit
Settled Institution
Strict adherence to laws
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