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Incheon Airport “Network Rebooting 2.0” Program Guidelines


Incheon Airport "Network Rebooting 2.0" Program Guidelines

As one of post-COVID19 aviation market activation marketing packages, Incheon International Airport is implementing "Network Rebooting 2.0" program to promote network normalization of core routes in each region connected from the airport. Based on recovery performances of the core routes in each region, Incheon Airport will select the best routes in each region and support marketing and operating costs for them. Please find the attached document for further details.

□ Program Summary

제도 개요
Item Summary
PURPOSE To promote restoration and normalization of core routes in each region that were suspended or reduced after COVID-19
TARGET 58 destination in 6 regions
* Please find the full list of the target routes from the attachment
PERIOD 1st of June 2023 to 31st of August 2023
SELECTION Top 1 to 3 route-airline pairs in each region
CRITERIA Recovery calculation formula developed by Incheon Airport
* Recovery rate (80) + relative flight increase rate (20)
SUPPORT Marketing and operating costs between 20 million to 50 million won will be reimbursed

□ Contact Information

ㅇ Airline Marketing Team, Incheon International Airport Corporation
- TEL : +82-32-741-2436∼7
- E-mail : icn.incentive@airport.kr

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