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  • Photo data by Incheon International Airport can be used by being purchased.
  • The image files of the Photo Gallery are the copyrighted material of Incheon International Airport Corporation. Unauthorized copying or distribution of this material is strictly prohibited.
Image Fees (tax included)
이미지 사용료 안내 표
Type Ground shot Aerial shot
Non-commercial use 22,000KRW 33,000KRW
Commercial use 55,000KRW 66,000KRW

Data will be sent by email.

Please contact the manager before application. (Lee Seong-jin from PR Team: Tel. +82-32-741-2115/Fax. +82-32-741-2110)

The fee is prepaid and can be paid via bank transfer. (Shinhan Bank 561003-2881-8961, Account holder: Incheon International Airport Corporation)

Precautions for the use of our image
  • The use of the image material is allowed once for a one-off application with a single standard for a single medium for the licensed matter. It cannot be rented, transferred or sold to others.
  • Separate consent is required for use for other purposes or re-use.
  • Please contact the PR Team regarding photo aid for activities in the public interest, etc.
Direct any questions regarding information on the website to:
  • Managing department : PR Team
  • Telephone : +082-32-741-2012, 2115