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국민행복의 나래, 인천공항 책 포스터
Incheon International Airport, Wing of National Happiness

To celebrate the 10th recognition for Airport Service Quality (ASQ), "Incheon International Airport, Wing of National Happiness" contains the secret of differentiated customer service by which Incheon International Airport was able to become the world's number one airport. It is not about mere differences, our service is at 'another level'. In this spirit, we compiled detailed analysis results of 'premium' customer service that Incheon International Airport provides. In a setting where imagery named "Narae (which means wing)" sets up a plan for departing and actually arrives at an airport to depart, the entire process is divided into the Curveside, Landside and Airside alongside the movement path across the airport to comprehensively sum up the premium customer service at Incheon International Airport for Narae to experience at each path. Notably, the ASQ survey data was referred to give detailed explanations through an objective basis which shows which element of the airport provides what kind of customer service and how it is superior to other airports. Last but not least, the last chapter, Nextside, presents the vision that Incheon International Airport, which is already beyond the world's best, should pursue.

뭔가 다른인천공항..무엇이다른가? 책 포스터
There is something different about Incheon International Airport ... What makes it so different?

It contains the secret to how Incheon International Airport firmly maintains the world's best airport position by achieving Airport Service Quality (ASQ) for 5 consecutive years in a short period of 10 years, the story of sweat and tears behind the achievement, and other beautiful success stories that had been achieved by the orchestra of 35,000 employees here.

The proceeds from this book are donated as scholarship money to cultivate talents in the area adjacent to the airport.

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